Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's a Body To Do?

Our weather just went all to hell overnight, as far as the temperature and our normally brilliant blue skies go.  It's pretty chilly out (about 55 degrees or so as we type, with 100% relative humidity) so that precludes any sort o' outdoor activity for YrHmblScrb, seein' as how we are soft in our old age.  Yeah, I COULD put on a sweatshirt, dump the collected rain water out o' the camp chairs (we did get some a lot o' rain, which is a great good thang), and sit outdoors for Happy Hour... but the only thing I would get out of THAT would be a wet ass and a bad disposition.

So we had a better ideer.  We mashed up four avocados that hit their ripeness peak just today, sliced and diced half a sweet onion (and that dicing was finer than frog-hair), squeezed half a lime's worth o' juice into the mix, and finished it off by adding two tablespoons of El Pinto Green Chile Sauce, after which we mashed some more.  The result went into the fridge so the various ingredients could become acquainted with each other.  That was two hours ago, this is now:

Some Happy Hours are better than others, Gentle Reader...  this one's pretty good.


  1. That is some tasty looking and sounding guac, Buck. I'm stealing this recipe for sure.

  2. Fresh guacamole is the food of the gods, and the key is to keep it simple, just as you do, Buck. Good on you.

  3. Yum, though I would still have gone outdoors while the getting is still good enough. ;)

    Now, pass the chips and dip. heh.

  4. The quac does sound perfect - maybe just a touch of garlic salt - depending on how much salt is in the salsa.

  5. I was never a fan of the Guac, but I will admit that it's most likely just the color that turned me off at a young age. I can't recall what it tastes like, I always just avoided it. I think I'll give it a go at my next chance.

    That beer and cigar look good though.

    I'd recommended the Sam Adams Octoberfest recently, but I gotta tell ya, it's just not as great as I remember it, this year. I'm hearing a lot that the seasonals this year weren't that great.

    If you tried it and weren't all that impressed, give it a shot again next year.

  6. Looking pretty good their Buck! And as I see you sitting at your small-ish table I think - how is he going to deal with all that space he's gonna have pretty soon.

    I'm guessing you'll deal with it very well indeed.

  7. Sounds (and looks) yummy, Buck. The chile sauce, of course, is just the thing with the brew. Chile, hot!, sip o' brew, ah! (repeat as needed)

  8. "...a wet ass and a bad disposition."

    LOL. Now that is ONE pi$$ed-off human being! Or to paraphrase Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales: "Having a wet ass and a bad disposition is no way to go through life, son."


  9. Buck, you do know how to live, and be so creative with your Happy Hours!

  10. Anon1: It's really easy to make good guacamole... and it's good for ya, too!

    Barry: Thank ya, Sir.

    Anon2: I just don't have R-factor to hang around outdoors in 50-degree WX.

    Lou: I usually don't add salt to anything I fix. I'm weird like that.

    stopsign: It WAS good!

    Matt: DON'T, whatever you do, buy anything labeled "guacamole" in a jar. It HAS to be fresh.

    Kris: I think I'm gonna be more than a lil bit out o' sorts the first week, but I'm sure I'll grow into it.

    Jim: Two tablespoons of the chile sauce vs. four avocados is pretty light, believe me. You can hardly taste it.

    Virgil: Yeah, I studiously avoid situations that sour my disposition these days...

    Red: Thank ya, Ma'am.


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