Friday, September 16, 2011

Well, I MIGHT...

... buy this:

I thought WTF!?! when I first opened the message and saw the price on this package.  That's a considerable chunk o' change for a re-mastered album and a new live CD of DSotM's songs.  But then I went to Amazon and looked at what's included in the package... and found out there's yet another CD of unreleased material, two DVDs, and a BluRay disc, as well.  From the ad copy:
Immersion Editions present the complete artistic experience.  Lavishly packaged in a sturdy 29cm square box, the sets contain remastered, previously unreleased and audio-visual material, plus much additional content – reproduced memorabilia, brand new graphics, art prints, collectors’ items, lavish booklets and more.
I suppose the question I should ask myself is "Do I REALLY need a fourth copy of DSotM?"  I already own two vinyl copies... one original and one half-speed mastered (currently in SN2's basement)... and a "normal" CD.  I'm thinkin' the answer is "yes," based on my experience with the Beatles re-mastered CDs I bought last year.  I'll wait for the package to actually hit the market and read some reviews before I drop the money, however.

Finally... what's with that "29cm" shit?  This is AMERICA... and we say "11.5 inch square box."  GOML!


  1. I kinda wonder if anyone will ever remaster Oscar Brand's stuff?
    That'd be some collection.

  2. There is a group of liberals who are pushing the metric system be used for everything in the US. After all, it is scientific and the US not using metric is just plain dumb.

  3. Following on Anon, above, it's like the replacement of BC/AD with BCE, etc., same lefty Euro-Academic crowd. BTW Buck, speaking of Spam filters, EVERY SINGLE TIME Lex e-mails me it goes straight to Spam--no matter how much I tweak the sys. (I use Yahoo) "Tis a puzzlement... LOL

  4. @ virgil x - Yahoo is a puzzlement. IMHO, if there is more than one way to do something, they'll either decide not to do it, or pick the most difficult.

  5. I kinda wonder if anyone will ever remaster Oscar Brand's stuff?

    I kinda doubt it, Ivan. I had to google him to find out who he is/was.

    Anon & Virgil: Yeah, this kinda krep pisses me off to NO end.

  6. I don't own a "Dark Side of the Moon." I feel like such a hick.

  7. Dsotm triggers some pretty intense memories for me. Some of them are about stuff that was legal. (And, of course, about which the statute of limitations long ago expired!)

  8. Lou: Not owning DSotM might be a generational thang, yanno?

    Moogie: Great minds think alike. ;-)


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