Sunday, September 25, 2011


... of a sort.  I've arrived at the conclusion there's not much else I can do until I get my desk (hopefully it will arrive this week), filing cabinet, and bookcase.  But we did what we could:

 Before - 1

Before - 2

 After - 1

After - 2

You'll note I've been doin' some industrial-strength shredding.  That's due to two things: (a) I save every-got-damned thang and (b) my old shredder went belly-up three or four years ago and I just didn't have the space to replace it.  So... old receipts, credit union statements, and other such detritus is now in teeny-tiny pieces.  That took quite a while, especially since the thermal overload on my spiffy new shredder would kick in about every half-hour, like clockwork.  It took half an hour to cool down, too.

So there's my day so far.  I think it's beer-thirty.


  1. I absolutely hate the thermal overload thingy... and that the shredder can't seem to deal with more than a few sheets at a time, not to mention staples and paper clips.

  2. After you slammed my SEC LSU Tigers in your casserole column, you never DID get around to posting the final score--which you promised to update. I dunno about you, Buck, I'm gonna have to canx my subscription if you don't start showing my Bayou Bengal Tigres some "true love." (sort of like all the love I show for your ND & Mich. teams, right? lol )


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