Monday, September 26, 2011

More Thievery Just Stuff (edited)

There used to be an animated gif here but I took it down...mainly coz it didn't work and apparently was hosing the blog's response.  My apologies.

In other news... Yucca Telecom showed up right on time this morning and installed their premise equipment in the apartment.  Now I have to wait for the outside plant guys to tunnel-bore a tube from my place to the fiber backbone, about a half-block away.  It's pretty cool the way technology changes things... back in my day the outside plant guys would have used a trencher to dig a ditch for the conduit, pull the fiber, and then back-fill the whole mess.  These days?  Ya just use a small tunnel boring machine.

Well, check my last.  I just wandered down to the end o' the block to get a picture of that cool boring machine at work and saw this:

It turns out there are way too many buried utility runs in poorly marked places to use the boring machine.  So Yucca is gonna do it the old-fashioned way... by digging, trenching, and a LOT of hand-work.  I may not have my fiber connection by the end of today, after all.  So like this Ol' Boy I know sez... "It's always sumthin'!"

Update, Part II:  So... our fiber connection went live at 1600 hrs.  Those Yucca guys are good!


  1. 'Dja ever watch a RotoRooter guy put a camera through a sewer pipe? Just askin.

    Pretty cool, like watching your intestines on TV from the inside.

  2. Impressive work getting that line in when looking at what they were dealing with.

    I did get to see the removed gif, I can't say I had any problems with it, but different systems/connections and all might be the difference. It was really cool to see.

  3. That is fast! Around here, it can take weeks to get all those techno-services turned on.

  4. Rob: Nope. The last time I hired Roto-Rooter was sometime in the '80s... no cameras then.

    Anon: I was very impressed with Yucca, as well. I took that gif down coz if never worked for me (Firefox 6.0.2).

    Staci: Yucca worked quickly yesterday but I put the move order in three weeks ago.


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