Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You saw this today if you read the Shoebox blog... or you saw it sometime this past month if you're one of the three and a half million people (!!) who've watched this on the Tube O' You.  But you might not fall into either category, Gentle Reader, so...

I need one of these.  The shark, specifically.


  1. Very cool. That would be fun, but I wouldn't be able to bring it home. The boy doggie would think it is a toy and destroy it, while the girl doggie would whizz all over the carpet while trying to get away from it.

  2. I'd love it if they modified it to drop nuggets out the back! How much more fun would that be!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. GOT to get the Shark, Buck! You could fly/swim it during UNHAPPY HOUR :)

  4. PS: Backstory to "Unhappy" Hour. Good friend, college roommate and frat brother from N.O. was a fishing/skuba nut (vanity plate's on his aquamarine colored Dodge Viper said "Aqua Man", lol) who in early 90s got tired of practicing law bought an old teen club bldg and made it a restaurant and put in a several thousand gallon floor to ceiling aquarium that went length of restaurant (had walls a foot thick) and had, among other things, several nurse sharks . During "Un-Happy Hour" (as he advertised it) Jack had a skuba gal in a bikini feed the sharks and other fish! Named the place "Sharky's Reef." LOL

  5. Virgil: That's quite the story. I'll repeat myself: you NEED a blog.

    Jimmy & Inno: Yup to youse both.


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