Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back To Our Roots

I considered an alternate title for this post, i.e., "Wherein Our Shirt Matches Our Beer."  Because...

That would be a New Belgium 1554, both on my shirt and in the glass.  Who said men aren't fashion-coordinated?


In other news... we stopped by the future Casa de Pennington while we were out and about today and had a brief conversation with one of the guys working on my unit, which went sumthin' like this...
Me:  "Ya think you'll be done by Thursday?  Coz I'm told I can pick up my keys on Friday."
Workin' Guy: (Looks at me incredulously, laughs)  "Hell, they're not layin' the carpet until Thursday!" 
That was just the first exchange in what turned out to be a lengthy conversation, the upshot of which is my unit will NOT be completed by Friday.  So... the first order o' bid'niz when I got home was to ring up the furniture company and have my delivery rescheduled for Wednesday.  I have my fingers crossed that everything will be kosher by then; I'm in a whole lotta trouble if it ain't.  Well, it won't be the end o' the world... it'll just be a major pain in the nether regions.


  1. Like you usually say, it's always sumpthin' or sumpthin' like that. ;)

    That is why it is always good to talk to those who are actually doing the work. Sales people will promise all kinds of things, the workers know what they have left and how long that takes.

    Nice outfit!

    Magic Wordy Thingy: derappr === fashion statement?

  2. After seeing the photos of the new place, I wondered about your move in date. But then since Toby and I are on the six year house plan, maybe my time estimation is not so good.

  3. Anon is right...never believe what management tells you...they have no clue what's going on.

    I'm always tickled at the breadth and depth of your wardrobe.(enough clothes to only do laundry once a month!) I had no idea you could even get a shirt to match your beer label.

  4. Anon: I hear ya. I made it a habit in my management days to spend most of my time in the trenches, mainly because that allowed me to disabuse MY management of their rose-colored glasses sensibilities. And the frickin' sales people, too.

    Lou: It all depends on how much time and manpower the contractor wants to dedicate to the remaining tasks. There's not a lot left to do, but some of it is time consuming.

    I'm always tickled at the breadth and depth of your wardrobe.(enough clothes to only do laundry once a month!)

    Once every TWO months, to be perfectly accurate. ;-)

  5. Oooh! Two months! At one point while I was in college, I had enough -- dainties -- to go 30 days without having to do laundry. And I thought that was impressive!


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