Saturday, September 03, 2011

Big Doin's...

... at El 'Muerto en el Agua' Casa Móvil de Pennington today.  SN1 will be on the scene in about a half-hour or so and we shall attempt to remove the 'Muerto en el Agua' from ECMdP and make her truly Móvil once again.

Later on today we shall look a lot like this, regardless of the outcome:

It's nice to have company for Happy Hour and it's even nicer if one has an occasion to celebrate.  Wish us luck.

Update, 1345 hrs:  Well, that was easy.  We were done in an hour and a half, max.  "Done" simply means replacing the battery and adding five gallons of new gas (and a quarter bottle of gas line cleaner) to the nearly empty tank.  We checked all the fluid levels and other such stuff, turned the key and ECMdP fired right up.  And I mean RIGHT up... there was zero hesitation, no screeching noises, no drama at all... just the sound of a smoothly running V-10.  It was like I started her about an hour ago, not four years.

I will never, ever speak poorly of Ford products again.  Not once, not even.  I mean... ECMdP (which is on a Ford E-450 Super Duty chassis) sat for four years without ever being turned over and then she just fired right up.  I AM impressed, not to mention relieved.

So.  SN1 and I cleaned up a bit, popped a couple o' beers, and smoked cigars in celebration.  All is right with the world. 


  1. Good luck, maestro! Always nice to know there's a pleasant finish at the end of the labors. GET 'ER MOVIN!

  2. Luck! Man, I know it'll be good to see your boy. Enjoy the day, my friend.

  3. Removing dead water?

    Sounds like you both had fun last night!

    ..."Beep Beep"

  4. I was wondering why you were OCD'ing over your blog tag cloud when you needed to be preparing to move. Now I see you have some fine-looking help on hand.

    Good luck with the nasty part of that deadly cleaning-up. Enjoy Happy Hour with your wonderful son; he's a real blessing to have nearby.

  5. Good luck and good company! Go, ECMdP, GO!

  6. I hope that just means a battery jump and not emptying the gas tank contents (water logged gas no doubt).

  7. Thank you ALL. It was a piece o' cake.

    Red: SN1 drove all night from Kansas to lend a hand, he ain't egg-zactly near by. But he IS really handy to have around!

  8. Beyond loverly! I'm impressed with the old girl, too!

  9. The other Jet Fuel03 September, 2011 16:09

    Your readers might enjoy this (off topic) carbon reduction article on the Blue Angels:

  10. I might suggest you replace the fuel filter after about an hour run time.

    I replaced a friends filter, and it was a real mess. His weighed about twice as much as a new one!

    You can do this when you get the oil changed. Personally, I would have changed the oil before the first start, but not that big a deal. Those quicky lubes know how to do it.

  11. Don't you love it when all goes smoothly? Enjoy your son.

  12. Those cigars are some type of Drew Estate...I can tell from the shiny label. I'm not a huge fan of the infused taste, but some of them are pretty good. I've got one of my MSgt's here hooked on the Atom Maduros and a TSgt hooked on the Blondies. Everyone else is hooked on some other brand of cigars (Romeo y Julietas are a popular choice, as are a couple of CAO's offerings). What can I say, I'm a terrible influence...I get to a new unit and within 3 months everyone is smoking cigars at our Det bar.

    By the way, pass on to SN1 that I was mucking about on the AMMOS website a couple of weeks ago and I came across the repository of student papers, his among them. Interesting read.

  13. Moogie: Thanks!

    Jet Fuel: Interesting.

    Anon: Replacing the fuel filter WILL happen once I get her off the prem of Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.

    Lou: I do and did!

    Mike: Good eye... we were smoking Deep Dishes. Where are ya now? Or would you have to kill me if ya told me? In which case, don't tell me. ;-)

  14. Haha, nothing nearly that cool. I'm still up in Alaska at Elmendorf, I just PCA'd over to another I work exercise support for the Red Flag-Alaska Det they have here.

  15. That sounds like a good job, Mike. I forgot to mention this before but I find it ironic that you don't like the infused Acids, since you were the guy who turned me on to them a couple o' few years back.

  16. Well, I'm way late to this party, but you took all the wind out of my sales with your closing comment about Ford products. Heh.

    Glad to see it was a painless evolution.

  17. Dave: Well, my attitude towards Fords may or may NOT last. ;-)


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