Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

Matt "Guitar" Murphy with... no kidding... "Buck's Boogie:"

Why... thank ya, Matt.  I think I'm gonna name my first-born in honor of this tune.  Speakin' of... this tune has everything I like about whiskey drinkin' music: a tinkling honky-tonk piano, economical but evocative guitar licks, and a honkin' sax.  It rarely gets better than this, Gentle Reader.  Needless to say, we were listenin' to a lot o' blues this evening... it was that kinda night.

I mentioned in the post below that we would be broadening our horizons this evening and we most certainly did.  I knocked back about six fingers worth of that Johnnie Walker Green... poured over two ice cubes in three installments... and I'm impressed.  The long and the short of it: Green is worthy; I like this blend even better than the Gold.  

While JW Green isn't silky smooth like the Gold it has a LOT more character.  That's not to say the dram isn't smooth, because it is.  No, the Green is a lot smokier and the peat overtones are very prominent, as is the peppery "bite" of the whiskey, which is just damned near perfect in my book.  That sensation isn't overpowering like the sort of bite you get with most bourbons, it's just enough to let you know that this is whiskey... and that's a good thing.  The taste begins with a pleasant sweet sensation in the mouth until such time as the smoky peat comes to the fore and then it finishes off with a very pleasing warmth that lasts and lasts.  I don't care WHAT Kermit sez... it's very easy bein' green when your green is made by Johnnie Walker.

Highly recommended!

Added, 2200 hrs:  I said I'd get back to ya, Gentle Reader, on the matter of what the empty glass smells like (see the post below).  Well, we gave it an hour and then we subjected the empty glass to an extensive nose test.  Alas, the glass smells NOTHING like herb... just whiskey, which is pretty nice, in and of itself.  We spent a lot o' time with our nose buried in the empty glass... like this:

Nothing even remotely like pot came to mind.  We did briefly entertain the notion of goin' back for fourths, but we resisted.


  1. I could loop that track and listen all night.

  2. You're a man after my own heart, Skip.

  3. Heh! Not only a good way to end the day...also a good way to start it.

    Was in at 2245 last night, and headed out at 0530 this a.m.

    Nice way to get the juices flowing on a short turnaround.

    On a not so happy note, Gubmit Motors hit a new low Friday. Now might be a good time for a buy order, Buck.

    WV: rechauge (I think that's a southern word)

  4. Your eyes look like they are about to roll back into your head. Is that the fifth glass?

  5. On a not so happy note, Gubmit Motors hit a new low Friday.

    A lot of stocks are hitting new lows lately. GM was hurt by their stupid-ass decision to NOT honor certain "Old GM" warranty claims. Talk about stoopid...

    Thanks for the kind words about Matt. That IS one bouncy, uplifting tune.

  6. I hate to dredge up old memories, but wasn't one of Obama's talking points/excuses for the Govt take-over of GM and turning 100+ years of bankruptcy law on its head and stiffing the bond-holders that otherwise people would not have their warranties honored if GM was allowed to go into bankruptcy? Yes, yes I thought so..

  7. PS: It would be sweet justice if every single owner of GM cars needing warranty work were GM union employees who got the money GM's bond-holders should have gotten. In a JUST world...sigh..

  8. I can't wait to play this for Pepper! He texted me while on the way to a golf tournament (yeah -- I know -- texting and driving) to say that he just heard a cut from Hugh Laurie's new blues album (recorded right here in NOLA) on the satellite blues channel. Said it was really good.

    I'm intrigued by the green, but I'm not a big fan of the peat.

    Every now and then I uncork the Macallan 21 and take a big sniff. Paradise! And almost as good as a sip.

  9. Virgil: I DO believe you're right about the rationales and such.

    Moogie: You have to let me know what Pepper thinks about this tune...

    And would you believe I've begun saving my corks? I started that right after I sheared off that one cork a while back and have the beginnings of a pretty good collection, as we speak.


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