Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Is Different

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake on the EAST coast.  A quake that large is pretty unusual for the area, according to sources quoted in McPaper.  I haven't read of any injuries, so we can play with it.  And then there's this:
Update at 2:48 p.m. ET: Halley Pack, 24-year-old paralegal, was putting on her sneakers in the basement-level gym of her office building in downtown Washington, when the shaking started. She said she didn't realize that it was an earthquake at first," USA TODAY's Fredreka Schouten reports. "I've never been in an earthquake before," she said, standing in her exercise clothes outside her office building at 2:20 p.m. "I thought something was wrong with me, like I had a headache."
The probability of Ms. Pack bein' blonde?  I'd put it at ≥ 90%.

The Twitterati are havin' fun with this, too...


  1. There was also a 5.7 'quake in Colorado. It has to be Gorebal warming.

    heh, WV bumbe

  2. Was felt here in Hartford - like a large truck rumbling right next to you. Strange.

    Then again - there are large fault-lines thruout New England; one runs near where we live. They just aren't anywhere near as active as those on the west coast.

    For which - I'm grateful (blonde, though I may be...). :-P

  3. Deb: Mebbe this is just a warm-up for next year's end o' the world.

    Kris: I don't believe there's a stranger feeling than being in an earthquake. I've been in six or more... but no serious "death and destruction" events, at least to me... and they scare the livin' piss out of you.

  4. Never been in an earthquake, but we have tornadoes pass over here all the time. So why am I so afraid of earthquakes but not tornadoes?

    Stepdaughter works in the Chesapeake Bay area and she felt the quake. She was more worried about something falling on her brand new car than her building falling down.

  5. I kinda lost track of how many earthquakes I have experienced. The first one I remember caused a landslide at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, the last was at Laramie, Wyoming. Both of them, and some in between were pretty good shakers in the 5.7 - 5.8 range.

  6. The tweets just keep getting funnier...


    I'm partial to the one about Cusack, myself...

  7. I shook a little about that time too but it turned out to be gas.

  8. Heh... twitterers put it out that DC workers left early and the stock market briefly went up, DC pols leave, the US gets a short lived recovery.

    And Duh poor baby Wonder boy had the quake cause him to miss a golf putt.

  9. Hey, I was riding in a car, and the driver had Hannity on this afternoon (mostly listening for any NEWS).

    Some caller told Hannity, "It's all a misunderstanding. It wasn't really an earthquake that they felt in Jersey & NY. It was just Chris Christie chasing after an ice cream truck."

  10. I've never experienced an earthquake, but like Red, I have been around some tornadoes. At least with tornadoes, you can see them coming.

  11. I remember once, visiting some friends in San Jose, we were watching the news from an S.F. station. They reported a quake in Santa Rosa. Then things started shaking in the studio. A few minutes later we felt it in S.J.

    You could see that one coming... sort of.

  12. The best Tweet I saw...

    "Oh, No! My Etch-A-Sketch art collection is ruined!"

  13. Red & Lou: Tornadoes scare me more than earthquakes, but only by the tiniest of margins.

    Skip: As for "seein' that one coming"... I was workin' a mid-shift in the ops area at the air station in Wakkanai, Japan when a big earthquake hit Sendai (quite a ways south) in the 1970s. Our ops was a HUGE, open-plan space with a suspended acoustic-tile ceiling about a quarter the size of a football field. About two seconds before the quake hit I literally felt it coming... and looked up to see the ceiling at the far end of the building rippling towards me like some sorta wave.

    EVERYONE leaped up from their positions and hit the nearest exit... and the building was empty in a matter of seconds. No one was hurt, there was no damage, but we spent the next ten hours (or so) inventorying every single piece of classified material in the building as a result of the "intrusion." THAT sucked.

    Morgan, Anon, and Jim: The tweets were GREAT!

    Dan: Heh.

    Andy: A "heh" to you too!

  14. I can add a funny story for you, My sister was laying out in the sun and called me (after the quake hit) and said "that she thought it was herself having a nervous break down instead of a quake"
    She's blonde :-)

  15. Obama's Fault24 August, 2011 19:12

    I heard they named it the Obama's Fault, seeing how Republicans Fault was already taken...

  16. She's blonde :-)

    Heh. Figgers!

    You get a "heh," too, Fault.

  17. I felt the earth move here in Rachacha. Just in case you was wonderin ;) Third one I have felt here.

  18. I felt the earth move here in Rachacha.

    I won't go there, Laurie. ;-)


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