Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heh. Plus... Cue Up Tevye

Lotsa 'toons at the usual source today about Ghaddafi's demise and The One's vacation.  Here are two:

I don't begrudge any president a vacation; I DO question Obama's timing, though.  And his choice of vacation spots.


In other news... there's this from the (other) usual source:

8/19/2011 - Members of Team Minot recreate a historic photograph of the arrival of the first B-52H Stratofortress here Aug. 19. The B-52, named the “Peace Persuader,” had nostalgic nose art painted on the airframe to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its arrival to Minot AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Michael J. Veloz)
Note that the airframe's serial number is 0033, meaning this is the 33rd BUFF to enter the USAF inventory.  I think the nose art is very, very cool; click for larger.  Good On the Powers That Be for the hat-tip to SAC... I loves me some tradition!

The B-52 has been in active service for more than 50 years.  Isn't that freakin' AMAZING?  Sad, too, that the world's most powerful country has to keep bombers in front-line service that are way older than the guys who fly them.


  1. The optics of Obama's trip really are horrible. And on the heels of the equally-egregious optics of his jobs-tour by bus - $2.2 million in custom buses ordered from Canada. Used on a tour to talk to Americans about creating jobs.

    He is surrounded by idiots because he, himself is one.

    As for the location - I've been to M.V.; we rented a house there for one week several years ago (and it was a very nice and extremely normal house on a small property 10 minutes from the beach, rental at $1,200/week back then; nowadays it would likely be twice that). And honestly I never understood the clamor and appeal of the place. It's an island, with nice houses and a few pretty beaches and some nice shops in quaint village-like towns. Not unlike the shorelines up and down the east coast, west coast, etc... I found it to be crowded, not all that friendly and overpriced.

  2. >>>Sad, too, that the world's most powerful country has to keep bombers in front-line service that are way older than the guys who fly them

    I read that they're not planning on retiring the B-52 until 2050 or so. That would put them at dang near 100 years old. But I guess they only use 'em in uncontested airspace so a big ugly slow plane isn't much of a disadvantage.

  3. Kris: MV looks nice from what I've seen on the teevee. As far as overpriced goes... I'm of the opinion MOST chi-chi resorts are overpriced.

    Inno: Vietnam wasn't exactly uncontested and we lost quite a few BUFFs there. That could happen again...

  4. You know me; I love watching the big planes fly - kind of like watching a dinosaur.

    Yep, the Pres' choice of vacation spots is a bit ironic.

    VW: zesoforo - I'm sure that is Greek for something.

  5. Hat's off to the folks that fly them!

  6. dropped objects23 August, 2011 20:25

    There are some B-52 missions, where an airline type platform, with a non-combat crew could replace it.

    I'm talking about cruise missile launchers. The missiles are usually launched from friendly territory, and the crew is never in danger of combat.

    Same with the maritime mission. Just a waste of a B-52.

  7. Couple of (perhaps) interesting observations...

    MV (particularly Oak Bluffs) has a long history as a vacation enclave for darker-skinned Americans, so that may have entered into the decision. For some reading, see...


    And I find that MY WIFE made what I consider to be quite a cogent comment on this vacation and the furor from some concerning it. I will quote her as precisely as possible...

    "He's The President of The United States, not of Washington, D.C., so why does it matter where he is, so long as he's still in the country? This isn't 1911, it's 2011. He can conduct the country's business from anywhere with electricity."

    I pretty much agree (although appearances do count for a lot in politics, and it's certainly not a brilliant political move to seem uncaring.)

  8. Lou: Apropos of nothing... I really sympathized with the guys at Minot, especially the skycops who had to guard the aircraft in the NoDak winters.

    Ed: Agreed.

    Objects: I agree with you, too.

    Jim: Interesting link. I noted the copyright indicates it's 20 years old, too.

    I agree with YOUR WIFE... but the optics are bad.


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