Friday, August 05, 2011


Wow... the worst one-day loss in a few years and the market's in the red for 2011.  It's a good thing we didn't default, yanno?


There's this about that...
Fiscal Responsibilities: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday the $350 billion in cuts to defense spending over the next decade that were included in the Budget Control Act of 2011, the nation's new debt ceiling legislation, can be implemented without affecting military operations or readiness. However, he cautioned that further reductions, if executed in a "hasty" or "ill-conceived way," would indeed "undermine the military's ability" to function. "The debt ceiling agreement contains a sequester mechanism that would take effect if Congress fails to enact further deficit reduction. If that happens, it could trigger a round of dangerous across-the-board defense cuts that would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families, and our ability to protect the nation," wrote Panetta in a statement to military members and their families. "This potential deep cut in defense spending is not meant as policy. Rather, it is designed to be unpalatable to spur responsible, balanced deficit reduction and avoid misguided cuts to our security." (AFPS report by Karen Parrish) 
Gosh, I'm just all warm and fuzzy, secure in the knowledge this Sooper-Dooper, Yet To Be Selected, Bi-Partisan Special Committee of Six Esteemed Congresspersons can do what no one else has been able willing to do in this space: achieve "responsible, balanced deficit reduction."  Just in the last year we've had the Simpson-Bowles Budget and Deficit Reduction Plan (DOA), Joe Biden's Budget Negotiation Committee or Deficit Working Group, or whatever-the-hell-it-was, The Gang of Six's Plan (DOA, also), Sen. Conrad's Sooper-Secret Budget (with no details), Harry-Fucking-Reid's Plan, Sen. Coburn's Plan, Sen. McConnell's Plan, at least three iterations of the Boehner Plan, and the Paul Ryan Budget... none of which even came close to making it into law.  So how is this newest kick-the-can committee gonna be any different? 

Yeah.  Warm and fuzzy.  That's me.


  1. It is just plain ugly what they're doing to us down in DC. I'm not generally one for pessimism, but... well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have much to lose.

  2. So how is this newest kick-the-can committee gonna be any different? It ain't honey. All this committee is going to do is COST money. When I read it in the paper yesterday, my first thought was 'Hey let's spend millions to see if we can save a dollar'. Sorry I've seen it happen at Silly Hall too many times to believe that it's going to be any better on a federal level than it worked on the municipal level. Gubmint pigs at the trough.

  3. Effin' ass weasels. They've got theirs so they don't much care about anything but keeping it.
    Every time one opens his mouth to tell us something's been done for us it means something's been done to us.

  4. The Republicans got rolled on this one, just like they got rolled when they went through the last budget fight earlier this year. On top of the "triggers" built into the bill if "revenue" is not increased (has a Demorat ever seen a tax he did not like) they trip into cutting the DOD budget. Yet they exclude anyone that voted against the Boehner Bill so the "Super-Duper Bi-Partisan Special Committee" will be populated with RINO's who will go along with "moderate" Dem's.

    We are well and truly screwed.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  5. Is it just me, or is Panetta maybe the only adult in this effed up administration?

    I've got my gripes with him, but there is something I've always liked about the guy. Just a little something...but something.

    I think we ALL know that we can cut defense spending. Jeepers...some of the waste is just astounding. Those who are "in" can probably give us a laundry list of worthless expenditures.

    But, we really need to start elsewhere.

  6. Jim: You're not alone in your feelings. EVERYONE is pissed.

    Deb: Yeah, I'm afraid you're right.

    Ivan: It's gonna get worse before it gets better... IF it gets better.

    Jimmy: The Left thinks it got rolled, too... so the truth must be somewhere in between.

    Andy: I kinda like Ol' Leon, too. He did a good job at CIA, from what I read, and he's got a good book. For a Democrat.

    Your point about defense cuts is well-taken. There's ALWAYS been waste in DoD... my father saw it, I saw it, and my boys see it.

  7. Declare Victory, or Surrender - Do something!05 August, 2011 14:22

    The solution is simple: declare victory in World War II, and bring the troops home from Germany, Italy, and Japan.

    Keep paying the troops, and instead of the troops spending money overseas, they will spend it here.

    Maybe give them three years to find a job, or start one.

    The logistics of continuing the World War are crippling the military.

    Every C-17 that moves houshold goods to Germany, is one less C-17 bringing bombs to the Crusade.

  8. Panetta is making noises for show. He's a Donkey party hack and ex-budget guy originally brought over specifically to gut the DOD--a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's only making the statements of support he is because this budget crisis gave Obama & Co the perfect excuse to allow cuts to defense that they were going to make anyway to be made by the "Super committee" w.o Obama's or Panetta's fingerprints on it. Panatta "fighting" for defense is like those in Congress who vote against a particular bill they're actually for to please their constituents who are against it when there's enough votes to pass it w.o. them so they get a "free vote." The Defense cuts are coming anyway, so Panetta is simply trying to make himself look good. When the actual cuts are forced via committee up-or-down, take-it-or-leave-it vote Panetta will bleat "My hands are tied--I fought as hard as I could," etc. "I'm FORCED to do these things." DON'T be fooled!!

  9. Leon Pancetta was BJ Clinton's pimp in the White House. He send Monica and he made her disappear after Clinton had his way with her.

    Pancetta ran interference and lied about the whole thing. He took a hit for Billy Jeff and the Dem party. Now he is being rewarded for his loyalty. After his years in the Wilderness, they hope we have forgotten what he did in "Monicagate". But I remember. He's just a whore for power.


  10. Yes, yes I know that pancetta is bacon. That teh funny. I wish his gutting of defense was funny, but it is not. The entire defense budget would run Medicare for a year....


  11. O hell no--wv: spend.

    Yes, yes they will. They will spend my money so the "less fortunate" can put it in their veins and smoke it instead of a space program....


  12. Toby and I just drove to WF. At the beginning of the ride, I asked him what he thought of the debt ceiling/ spending cuts etc. Wow, I got an ear full. But he basically said it's gonna get worse before it gets better and we had better all suck it up.

  13. Les tambours de guerre06 August, 2011 06:48

    Europe never makes the news here (except for royalty weddings maybe).

    They are all on the brink. Every one of the main powers is in big big debt, and if one of them falls, the rest will make the Japanese Tsunami seem like just a little water.

    The moderates are in power because people fear the alternative, but if the moderates fail the economy (which they are), then what happened to Libya will run across the Med.

    With 110,000 troops in Europe, plus their families, it will be a massive airlift to get their families out, as the countries collapse into the tribal warfare.

    I hope we have a plan on which tribes to side with.

  14. Virgil, I didn't say I love Panetta. I simply said that I think he's the only adult on board.

    I know what the guy is. But, I also (think I) know what he's not. I do not believe that he is a Marxist like the rest of Obama's tribe. And, I do not believe that he hates America, or our standing as a super-power like Dumbass in chief does.

    I know he is a lib, and I know all he did for Bubba. He just always seemed to me to be a guy with at least a grain of a conscience. It's so rare among dimocraps that I noticed it. I think I'm a pretty good judge of people, and I do not find him repulsive like the rest of this effed up bunch.

    That was all.

  15. Virgil & Gray: What Andy said, about Panetta. He does appear to be a cut above the rest of the hacks and socialists in the current administration.

    Lou: I'm with Toby: worse before better.

    tambours: Your vision is darker than most.

  16. I'm just watching the Greeks, who seem to think they deserve high wages, even though the country is broke.

    So they riot to protect their wages. Destroying whole neighborhoods.

    Greeks are like plankton on the evolutionary scale, so just think what will happen when the Italian mafia has no one to bribe.

    It's all dark...


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