Saturday, July 09, 2011

Quick Hit

I said this in my last post yesterday:
Ah, carry me back to those halcyon days o' the 70s... when I was a sensitive seventies kinda guy, the biggest bennie about bein' so was that I got laid a lot.  You may laugh, especially if your name happens to be Morgan, but it frickin' worked.  We ain't so sensitive these days, nor do we get laid as much.
The thought occurred to me that I changed my love life by changing my politics.  Or what passed for a love life, anyhoo, back in the day when I was a semi-raging moonbat.  

I don't really have any empirical evidence to support this but my gut feelin' (and kinda-sorta extensive experience) is that Lefties are Looser.  It might have sumthin' to do with all that Family Values stuff conservative wimmen carry around.  Or mebbe I just need to get out more.


  1. I'm actually surprised at not having contracted any diseases in my youth.

    I think the non-sensitive guys got laid just as much, or more, but their penis fell off and they died of diseases that even God didn't know existed.

    Now, I just try to drink enough water that my prostate doesn't dry up...

  2. I'm actually surprised at not having contracted any diseases in my youth.

    You're not the only one, Anon. I whored around SE Asia before AIDS made that sorta thang lethal... yet there were still maladies extant that could have made my life miserable (like herpes). We are STILL counting our lucky stars, to this day.

  3. I'd just like to point out that the sign is not posted anywhere Moogie's Mansion.

    We won't discuss Moogie's semi-moonbat youth.

  4. piss. I had a short novel typed up, but FUCKIN google raped me, and gave me a 500 error. FUCKIN bitch!

    I feel better now...

  5. Moogie: Heh... on BOTH counts.

    Anon: Right-click the error screen and choose "reload" when that happens. Click "yes" when the dialog box asks if it's OK to resend data. Do it as often as required, eventually Blogger comes through.

  6. Gosh, when you get married at 19 there is not a lot of room for being loose. So why did my college buddie call me Loose Lou? Maybe it was because I voted for Jimmie Carter.

  7. Hey, I have that very sign in my rec room. I don't think I've ever picked a pocket, but ... ; )

  8. But... ? Don't go tellin' me you're LOOSE, Lori. I refuse to have my illusions shattered.

  9. imperméable12 July, 2011 06:42

    Most women think they're loose, and then I show up.

    Then they start thinking "well I ain't as loose as I thought" while closing their raincoat and pulling the waistbelt tight.


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