Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just One More and Then We'll Go


That would be $16,120.70... for those of you who keep score.  Wanna read the tasting notes?  Go here.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I think I'm going to have to go pull the cork on the Macallans and have a good long sniff.

  2. When it gets to be that pricey, it generally is not worth it. More times than not, the difference in taste is barely noticed by all but a a weird select few. This type of price is more about prestige and showing off than it is about taste.

    Besides, if you have more than a sip, your taste changes where aspects get desensitized. Drink enough and they could swap one out for another and you will have a hard time noticing the difference.

  3. When it gets to be that pricey, it generally is not worth it.

    There's my understatement of the day. But there IS a difference in 12, 18, and 18+ year old whiskeys. But I hear ya: after the third refresh you might as well go back to drinkin' the usual stuff.

    Moogie: Macallan's is right decent stuff.

  4. I guess if you drink enough at a time, it's all good.

  5. Until the next day, Lou... until the next day!

  6. I always wanted to be like my dad. Drink all night, and yet get up at 4am to get to work on time.

    I found out later he was a severe chronic alcoholic and wasn't a normal human.

    Still though, you have to admire someone who is good at what they do.

    WV: whappen (sounds kind of East LA)

  7. I relate, Anon. My Ol' Man was a functional alcoholic, too. I'm glad THAT gene went recessive. I think.


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