Saturday, July 16, 2011

In My Future?

All these folks seem to be having a good time (especially the two in the closet, before the credits begin to run), even though they also seem to be alcohol-deprived.  A word to my sons: I have certain priorities when it comes time for you choose MY home.  Just sayin'.

And yes... I HAVE been spending way too much time on the Viral Vids site today.  Why do you ask?


  1. I think you could probably ferment the prune juice and come up with some wicked bootleg stuff.

  2. I can't speak for Buck (but I'm fairly certain he's of the same mind), but I don't believe in "retirement homes" for family... I'd much prefer to buy a bigger house and keep you close. I firmly believe it's better for you and better for my kids... you have much to share with them. Just sayin'.

  3. Moogie: Heh.

    Sam: I appreciate the sentiment. Srsly.

  4. I agree with SN2. The senior living place we found for Toby's mom, is more like her own personal apartment (and cottages) - one bedroom, full kitchen, patio, etc. She gets maid service every other week and meals only if she wants them (and pays for that plan). It is a great place and we can drink alcohol and have done so.

  5. It sounds like you found a good place for Toby's Mom, Lou. "Alcohol-free" would be a non-starter for me. Obviously.

  6. I just had a thought...

    Most of those people were 16 years old in 1957.

    Yep, these were the people who chose Negro music over Pat Boone.

    ..The times they are a changin...


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