Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What IS It With These Canuckistan Hockey Fans?

OK... I can kinda-sorta see the method to the madness when it comes to the Cup Finals, but THIS?
So, how hot are Winnipeg Jets tickets for the team’s inaugural season in the reseller’s market? Sizzling hot.

Try $3,280 for a lower-deck seat for the home opener against the Montreal Canadiens on the popular ticket reseller site And yes, that’s for one seat in the 100-level.

A pair of these puppies for the opening game will run you $6,560. Ouch. The cheapest ticket on StubHub for that game is $844 in the upper decks. Yes, one ticket.

Ticket prices for Jets home games drop off markedly after that.

Resale tickets in markets like Montreal and Toronto are pretty pricey even without the novelty of having a new team in their town. A top ticket for Montreal’s home opener Oct. 13 against Calgary on the resale market would cost you $500.

In Toronto, their home opener against the Habs is going for a staggering $1,143 on resale.

In Edmonton, a lower-deck ticket on the resale market for the Oilers home opener is $399.

So that gives you some perspective on just how hot this ticket market is.
In Canada, mebbe.  Small-market teams in the US ain't doin' so hot right now or so I've heard, and this does not bode well for hockey.  I don't wanna see another lock-out, thankyaverymuch.

(h/t for both links to the usual [hockey] source)


  1. I don't wanna see another lock-out, thankyaverymuch. Nor do I. That would make for a VERY long winter.

  2. Yup. That's the least of it, too, as far as the NHL as an org is concerned. I don't think the league can take another lock-out... thousands of fans walked away after the last one.

  3. That is one ugly logo! Hmmm ... maybe a project for one of my graphic design classes! :-)


  4. Brad: I thought I read about a contest for a new Jets logo design but a google search this morning didn't find anything on the subject.


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