Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These People Have More Money Than Sense

Or mebbe they have just enough money.  At any rate... all those folks you see above?  They are monied, if nuthin' else.  Regarde:
From a StubHub press release today, these observations about their sales:
• Today, fans have been paying an average price of $3082 per ticket
• Yesterday, that average price was $2413
• The most expensive ticket purchased has been $6500 – 2 tickets each at this price for Club 106 (Row 12), purchased by a Vancouver buyer yesterday
And you could even spend more, if you want.  TheFourthPeriod notes this on Twitter:
2 tickets, 2nd row for GM7… $10,345 on stubhub… hot damn.
That’s EACH ticket.
Over at SeatGeek, they’re comparing prices across multiple sellers and see even higher asking prices for the game. Average listing price? $$8,688 per ticket. You can see their seat map here
That's by way of Alanah, posting at the usual (hockey) place.

Updated, 1445:  The naked truth about Canucks fans... work-safe.

Two Vancouver women had Canucks jerseys painted... by tvnportal

Heh.  A photo of the final result is here.  Wimmen Bruins fans?  The ball's in your court.


  1. Holy. Cow. No offense, but I can think of a lot of stuff I'd rather spend thousands of dollars on!

  2. No offense taken... and you're not the Lone Ranger, Moogie. I'd have to be Bill Gates or someone like him to rationalize those prices.

  3. As much as some of these games are in terms of excitement, I just can't imagine spending that much for a few hours of being there.

    Figure if you pay that 10K for two people, that is a lot of dinners, or a cheap car (brand new).

    It just doesn't seem rational, nor worth it to me. Besides, with many sporting events that are of "historical" nature, you get thousands who claim they were there, way beyond the actual capacity of the place it's held, so for a lot less you can make the claim you were there and pocket that dough for another day... or date... as it were.

  4. Over $20K for two of those good seats, Anon. That's a pretty decent car AND a year's worth o' gas. I'm with you.

  5. Re: The painted jerseys.

    And you question why I might be a Canuck fan...I rest my case.

  6. I mean both the cost of tickets and the painted jerseys.

  7. I know I am rootin' for the Canucks. Heck, if these loverlies are going to do this every year, I hope the Canucks are in the finals EVERY YEAR!

    I loved the older gent and his spouse's look at him afterwards. That was priceless.

    Magic wordy... rerrs. I agree. Sort of like Roy Orbison in Pretty Woman...

  8. Vancouver is living in a housing bubble of its own.
    I'm thinking that the housing to earnings ratio is above the 7:1 ratio, largely fueled by asian immigration but also by the mountains and agricultural reserve that Van is built up against.
    The agri reserve is land set aside for that use, and cannot by provincial decree be sold for redevelopment into housing.
    So, it's part of the reason that the above prices bear no resemblance to reality, and more to realty. ;)

  9. comfortable leather chair, HD 32”flat screen, commentary, replays, easy access to toilet and cheap, cold beer, no commute home…versus 6, 8, 10 grand for one night of hockey…???

  10. And you question why I might be a Canuck fan...I rest my case.

    I'm a fan of those fans. But the Canucks? Not so much.

    Lou: Right on one count, less so on the other! ;-)

    I loved the older gent and his spouse's look at him afterwards. That was priceless.

    Heh. And you KNOW that woman filed this away "for future reference." DAMHIK.

    marc: I think Vancouver is second only to SFO for the title of "North America's Most Beautiful City." Both places have stratospheric real estate prices. Nice play on words, there.

    Small-Tee: Oh HELL yes... especially the beer prices! A couple o' beers at Joe Louis sets ya back ten Yankee Dollars and that's simply larceny.


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