Thursday, June 16, 2011

Somewhat Out of the Ordinary

Here it is... just after 0900 hrs as we type... and we're workin' on our last cup after returning home from a re-supply mission out to Wally-World.  There are a couple o' few reasons we caught the early bus today, first and foremost among them is we went down early last evening.  More importantly, though, is the fact it's gonna be HOT today and we don't relish the thought of going shopping in the mid-afternoon heat.  Especially when it looks like this:

Which is better than yesterday's forecast, which predicted a high of 105.  Aiiieee!  I wilt in that sorta heat.  But... 103?  105?  Precious lil difference there.  Hot is hot...

And then there's this...

Vancouver residents awoke Thursday to the aftermath of the city's worst riot in decades, facing a massive cleanup and questions about how the mob fury came to be unleashed after the Canucks lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final to the Boston Bruins.

City crews and glass repair companies were still working to repair the smashed windows of about a dozen businesses targeted by rioters and looters in the downtown core as the sun rose over the city early Thursday morning.
That's just a gotdamned shame.  There's much more at the link.


  1. I like this at the bottom of your weather report:

    Today is forecast to be MUCH WARMER than yesterday.

    In case you couldn't decipher all those confusing numbers and stuff, and just need to be told what's up in the simplest terms possible.

  2. Even when you stick the word British in front of their name, those Columbians can't seem to behave, eh?
    I was happy to see the Bostons win. I'd call them by their team name, but it reminds me too much of a very southern part of California.

    "Hot is hot..."

    Funny we say the same thing around here. It was almost hot the other day. It's supposed to be low 90s until Tuesday. Then it's supposed to get hot.

  3. Nyuk! Buck, I'll swap with ya'. At least y'all get mid-60's at night on the high plains.

    Last night I got off work at 2230. On the bank time/temp board it read 90.

    As to the shame in Vancouver, it reminds me of Starkville that year that MS State made the Final Four. They is ijits everywhere, I reckon.

  4. What, did Snoop Dogg come to town and buy up all the VC super skunk chronic?

    Good for Boston, (still HATE the Red Sux and the Patsies).

  5. After reading the link, I'm inclined to think that the perpetrator's intended to riot regardless of the outcome.

    And thus the deeds of the few bring shame upon the many.

  6. I agree with BR - win or lose there was going to be a riot.

    And either way it's just grotesque.

  7. S-Andy: yeah, that's for folks who just got here today.

    It's supposed to be low 90s until Tuesday. Then it's supposed to get hot.

    You have that humidity to deal with, too. Not good.

    L-Andy: Yeah, we sleep with the windows open and it's nice.

    Small-Tee: Heh.

    BR: Yeah, it's always the few asshats that ruin it for everyone. Always.

    Kris: "Grotesque" is a good way to describe it.

  8. Yes, well, it is hot here and humid and it will probably get worse. And the wind is still blowing!

  9. The wind is up here today, too... gusts of 45 mph. My awning is furled and the AC is crankin'!

  10. Mid-June, still no sign of summer. Except my grill, which is running regardless.

  11. Does your summer fall on a weekend this year, Andy?

  12. If we only get 2 days, it had better.

  13. Does your summer fall on a weekend this year...

    Nyuk! Seriously chuckling.

    And, Seattle Andy, the retort also made me chuckle.

    Jeez guys, I had a tough night at work...emotionally draining. Y'all's little conversation really gave me a lift.



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