Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, What the Hell... Might as Well

Today is the day "something happened" 33 years ago and it's a day full of wistful, self-pitying remembrances of Former Happy Happy Days.  Which is sorta like throwing Napoleon a "Welcome Home!" party on his return from Moscow or your average German celebrating the fall of the Reichstag in 1945.  Sumthin' like that.

I tell myself "let this shit GO" every damned year.  Why I'm unable to do so remains an open question.


  1. That. Effing. Tux.


  2. Allow me to quote myself:

    That get-up is the ONLY thing I regret about that day. But, being the perceptive sort of individual I was and still am, I rolled with the flow… said flow controlled by TSMP, who thought that tux was The Cat’s Meow. Who was I to disagree, especially after my initial outburst (something to the effect of “I’m NOT wearing that thing!”), to which TSMP replied “Oh yes you are, assuming you still wanna get married.” End of objection.

    I rest my case.

  3. Your wisdom is undeniable.

  4. I think you looked cute Buck! :) Hindsight is 20/20 but we traveled the path we traveled to bring us to where we are today. Woulda shoulda coulda holds no weight in the scheme of things.

  5. I like the photo and the look TSMP has for you.

  6. hommes vierges17 June, 2011 22:57

    ne pas porter de blanc

    WV: shayin (just shy of shag me)

  7. You're a romantic at heart. Accept it. :-)


  8. Woulda shoulda coulda holds no weight in the scheme of things.

    Perhaps, Alison. But 23 years... over one-third of my life... is hard to forget.

    Lou: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    vierges: Neither one of us should have, technically speaking.

    Brad: I'm sumthin' at heart, most likely an idiot.

  9. I've been there with the whole dress-up routine (morning coats, ascots, vests and rented shoes). I was quite a switch for a squid.

  10. I like that illustration; there's nothing to embarrass ya there. I only WISH I could have convinced the woman to go traditional, Skip. She was NOT to be swayed, though.

  11. 33 years ago that tux was likely top of the heap for style. We all have pics like this in our closets Buck; I give you much credit for letting it out in such fashion.

    You remember because it was a big part of your life and we can't forget where we've been.

  12. I wouldn't be able to let go of 23 years, either.

    70's tux's were really rough, though. I wore a brown rented tux in 1980. So I can kinda feel for you.

    I really enjoy seeing your pictures of the past, they usually are quite good and they are excellent for me to compare with my own.

  13. 33 years ago that tux was likely top of the heap for style.

    Yeah, well... that's what SHE said. But we all looked silly at that point in time, dressed up or not. And so it goes...

    Darryl: Thanks for the kind words... especially the "23 years" bits.

  14. Why, Pepper and I marched down the aisle 9 days before you did!

    I didn't make him wear a frilly tux shirt.

    23 years is indeed a good chunk of time, not easily disregarded.

  15. It's an attitude...

    On another subject...

    I like the full blown weddings where everyone dresses up. I wouldn't go to one if it were any less.

    That lady on the right is trying to figure out how to get close to you and ask you for a dance, so she can give you a squeeze. Frills do that to women...

  16. Moogie: Bless you BOTH for makin' it work, Moogie.

    vierge: I've looked at that woman on the right for years and years and years and thought along the same lines. I have NO ideer who she is.

  17. That wasn't me at the top - I'm of a mind to remember and I tend to to regret or wonder about my past Buck. And I certainly don't forget it. Memories are a tough old business however we come to acquire them, good, bad, regrets, happy days. So my heart goes out to you.

  18. I know that wasn't you, A. Fire Fox's name is Alison, too... I should mebbe differentiate between the two of ya the way I do between the Andys, i.e., replying to Mass-Alison and/or London-Alison Thanks for the kind words and understanding. Sometimes I DO miss the girl.


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