Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Which We Give Props to Our Dental Professionals

Well, the message on this card is certainly appropriate coz we DO love our dentist and his wonderful staff, as you Gentle Readers who have been with me a while know very well.  I make that last statement because we have documented our extensive experience with Dr. Thompson... over eight years' worth, the biggest parts of which began here and ended here... a two-year Adventure In Modern Dentistry that involved multiple surgeries, bone grafts, and culminated in the placement of five dental implants.  It was all worth it, though, as my quality of life has improved considerably since the project was completed.  Read that as: I eat like a normal person now.  

So, the very brief and heartfelt testimonial aside (you want more? there's a lot more!), I thought all y'all might like to see the shining faces of Dr. Thompson and his staff (the Lovely Victoria, my hygienist, is at top right).  Aren't they the living definition of "Beautiful People?"  They're the very best at what they do, too.  You can take that to the bank.


  1. Bless my dental team. I've been with them through all their kids college fees... (20 years).

    I have never mentioned this to them, and would never mention it, but it is quite obvious there are no men hired (except the dentists), and everyone is very white. Well, except for one lady who we all love, who is non-authentic Mexican. She doesn't even know spanish, but her grandmother does...

    That picture kind of reminded me about the way things are in the world...

  2. Even the dentist is a lady. The only male even remotely associated is the guy at the dental lab.

  3. Nice business card! Speaks volumes about how he feels about his staff.

  4. Anon: I'm thinkin' Dr. Thompson's staff is a pretty good representation of the local demographics. But I hear ya.

    Skip: I have a dear friend who swears by lady dentists. He's been seein' the same woman for well over 20 years and loves her (in a professional way, of course).

    Ed: This is actually a hand-out and not a business card. But... same difference, eh?

  5. A good dentist is a prize, indeed. You know about my own travails in mouth pain, and I have nothing but high praise for my Dr. D'Amico.


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