Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If You Say So...

From my in-box a lil while ago...

Heh.  I'm glad they included "blogger" in there.  And all y'all thought my hockey stuff was boring, eh?  Take THAT!

Speaking of... The Hawks/Canucks game was everything I thought it was gonna be AND a bag o'chips.  I mean... Vancouver up 1-0 until there's only 1:58 left in the third period when the Hawks tie it with a shorthanded goal?  A penalty shot?  In a Game Seven?  A penalty on the Canucks at the beginning of OT with the series on the line and the Hawks DON'T score?  And what about young Corey Crawford and his magnificent play?  That game had it ALL, Gentle Reader.  One more thing... so much for popular opinion in 49 of 50 states: Vancouver 2, Chicago 1.  You got yer work cut out for ya, Nashville.

That other Game Seven was a snooze fest.  Only a die-hard Flyers fan could have been happy with that, as the outcome was never in doubt and Philly won going away.  I had a hard time believing the Sabres managed to take the series to seven games based on the way they played last night.  Oh, well.  Win some, lose some.  We'll do it all over again tonight when the Bruins face the Habs in their Game Seven.  (Side note:  It's just TOO bad the Tampa Bay-Flightless Birds game is on at nearly the same time.  If ESPN had the hockey teevee contract we could choose either or both... but NOOOO.  Thanks, NHL.  You frickin' idjits.)


  1. Habs/Bruins was a great game. Too bad ya missed it. That hit by Lucic on Spacek was totally brutal. Glad the refs got their heads out of their collective arses and threw Lucic out right away instead of kicking the decision up stairs.

  2. Too bad ya missed it.

    MORE fodder for the "I hate Versus" rant that is reaching the boiling point...

  3. Sports Channel..... *snore*

  4. I've got my choice of the Pens game or the Boston game... I'm flipping back and forth.
    I'm a little surprised to see Boston leading... wait, they're tied now. Looks like a good game.

  5. Laurie: Not big into sports, eh? ;-)

    Moogie: Yeah, they say that now... but will they call me later/

    Sam: Once again: the bennies of Big City livin'. The Habs-Bruins game is ALMOST as good as last night's Hawks-Canucks. We have OT in a Game Seven, again.

    And the Flightless Birds are losing... life is good, indeed.

  6. it aint over till it's over...

  7. Oh me of little faith! B's pull it out, OT in game seven. And there was much rejoicing in the streets of Boston!

    Now we get to either revenge last year's collapse versus Philly or suffer another humiliation. I'm hoping for revenge, and Philly's goaltending is no match for Tim Thomas, but I make no more predictions from here on out. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride, however long it continues.

  8. Off the subject, maybe, but everybody go vote for Buck in the military blog contest!

  9. Toby asked me if I thought there would be an NFL season. "Do I care?" was my response. Scoot over, Laurie, so I can snooze with you.

  10. Jim: It was a VERY near-run thang for your B's.

    Staci: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Lou: I'm in snooze mode when it comes to the NFL.


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