Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey! Guess What?

The wind abated.  It didn't stop, but it's down to what the Ol' Man useta call a "Dull Roar," meaning a constant speed of 15 mph with gusts of 20.  So... we have our awning down and are taking Happy Hour on the verandah today, for the first time in I-don't-remember-when.  Srsly.  I really cannot remember the last afternoon we spent outside with book, beer, and cigar.  But let's not complain, let's simply enjoy.

We look a LOT like this today...

Only with different glasses.


  1. We're about 10°F degrees cooler, but the wind's about the same and expected to remain so through the weekend.
    BTW- what are ya readin'?

  2. BTW- what are ya readin'?

    Mostly the WSJ, but I'm still workin' on the first installment of Mark Twain's autobiography... in fits and starts.

  3. Best not be complainin', we got snow AGAIN today. This truly has been a record breaking winter.
    Still looking forward to outdoor happy hours.

  4. Life is good, my friend!

  5. We started the day in Houston where it was beautiful and drove across TX in to OK - just a gorgeous day all the way.

  6. Deb: No complaints here! But I'd be goin' nuts, were I in Calgary.

    Glenn: It's good, indeed.

    Lou: Were the bluebonnets out?

  7. Either it was late for bluebonnets or they dried up and blew away. Since we have finally gotten a bit of rain things are greener, but not many wildflowers this year.

  8. It might already be too late for the bluebonnets, Lou. That's too bad, innit?


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