Friday, April 22, 2011

Gettin' Back to Our Roots...

... with yet another Perfect Pour:

I'm livin' proof that practice makes perfect, eh?  I must say life is good here on The High Plains of New Mexico despite the miscellaneous moans, groans, bitches, and complaints in the post immediately below.

Beer may not be THE answer but it certainly works in most cases.  That depends entirely on what the question is, don't it?  Prosit!


  1. Beer, yup, I remember beer.

    Have u done a review of this beer? oldest brewery in Munich, since 1363, I imagine they had a few interruptions but I won't mention those days.

  2. Dunno if I've done a formal review, but I've often waxed poetic on the wonders of Franziskaner... my FAVORITE weissbier!


    early on his review, he says it's $2.69 / bottle in New Yawk. ! That's more than beer in Canada.
    I'm gonna check in my local beer haus and see 'bout that...

  4. It's not available here in Alberta.

    The government decides which beers are imported and distributed, they know what's best for us?

    So, have 3, one for u, one for Deb, one for me.
    *rolls eyes*

  5. early on his review...

    And later on in his review he sez "and it makes your beer taste like salt!" (major eye-roll) I can't believe I watched the whole thing, but I did. Nice powerful belches, though! ;-)

    The Provincial GUB'MINT decides what ya can and can't drink!?! Can revolution be far away?

  6. The bar's been set Buck... *belches*

    In Saskatchewan, their choices are about 25% of Alberta's. So... yes, revolution is on the way, but only with butter knives as they've already taken our guns.


    give it awhile yet.

  8. The variety at the Cannon Airplane Patch is so much better than at the one here at Eddie's Airplane Patch!

  9. marc: I remember drinkin' great beer when I went to Toronto and Montreal, not so much in Regina. But I haven't been to Calgary. Yet.

    Glenn: The variety at Cannon IS remarkable. I mentioned that to SN1 when I was out at Shaw last summer. You'd think the bigger bases would do better than they do. That said, Hill AFB had a pretty good stock...

  10. What. There was a question?

  11. Hill AFB HAS to have a good stock... you can't get a decent drink anywhere else in that damned state!

  12. Marc and Buck, while in Calgary a few years back we had some pretty good beer at the Big Rock Brewery Resaurant.

  13. Dano: I found some great brew pubs in Utah, even considerin' the fact ALL beer is 3.2 beer there. I was so impressed with the Moab Brewery and its hefeweissen that I bought a tee shirt...

    Lou: Noted for future reference. The Calgary Stampede is on my "to-do" list...


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