Friday, April 22, 2011

An Epic Comeback?

Or an epic collapse?  The Canucks stunk up their arena tonight, losing to the Hawks by a 5-0 score.  While not taking anything away from the Hawks... who played their asses off tonight, mainly coz they HAD to... I'm leaning towards collapse, rather than comeback.  I have to admit this IS one helluva turnaround for the Blackhawks, especially if it continues.  

Back to the collapse.  The Canucks looked like the Keystone Cops on skates tonight; they were SO bad it was almost funny.  Luongo's implosion continues, what with him giving up four goals on 12 shots before he was pulled early in the second after Marian Hossa scored his second goal of the night on a beautiful breakaway.  The Canucks power play was non-existent, going 0 for 4 while their penalty killing was just as listless, allowing the Hawks to go 2 for 5.  The Hawks came out like a house afire tonight, scoring early and often.  It was 3-0 by the end of the first period and things only got worse for the hapless Canucks.  It must suck to be embarrassed that badly in your own barn... the Vancouver fans booed their team off the ice at the end of the game (those that were left)... but the Canucks deserved it.  This has the makings of one of the worst collapses I've ever seen, if not THE worst.

Game Six is in Chicago Sunday evening and I'm through with making predictions.  That said, Big Mo is most definitely with the Hawks now.  Sunday will be MOST interesting!

Update, 1145 hrs:  There's lotsa hand-wringing over the Canucks across the length and breadth of The Great White Up.  Here's Damien Cox writing in the Toronto Star:
Surely, it's not possible.
Not two years in a row. Not to these Vancouver Canucks.
But my oh my, if the Canucks choke away this entire Western Conference series to the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, it would be a collapse that would dwarf last year’s Eastern Conference series in which the Boston Bruins blew a 3-0 series lead and lost to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Why? Well, because Vancouver was the NHL’s best team during the regular season, and because in the first 2 1/2 games of this series they seemed to make a convincing statement that their historic problems with the Hawks were all a thing of the past.
I watched a video of two Vancouver hockey columnists talking about last night... and the Canucks, in general... wherein they described the situation as analogous to a Friday night horror movie, with the Hawks in charge.  Or, as Joe Biden might say, "This is a big fuckin' deal!"


  1. Speaking of no more predictions... The B's have taken TWO, in Montreal. Series tied. I'm befuddled, but pleased.

  2. Going back a ways... a long ways... I remember a Playoff series in another sport where the Warriors... yeah, those Warriors... really blasted the Lakers in two games at the Forum. Then someone woke up Chamberlain and he almost single-handedly handed them their heads on a platter when they came home to the Cow Palace.

  3. Jim: I've watched all those games, too. And just when I thought I had the series all figgered out, it changed.

    Ivan: Ah, the Cow Palace. I went to a few concerts in that old barn, believe it or don't. As for the Warriors... I'm not much of a roundball fan, but I usually watch the Finals in every sport. Even the Sooper-Dooper Bowl.

  4. It stunk so bad I shut it off after the second. They just plain didn't show up.

    heh, wv: toutsum

  5. I stayed for the whole thing, Deb. I was thinkin' Vancouver might make SOME sorta attempt at a comeback, but noooo...

  6. Speaking of basketball -- go Hornets! We play the Lakers tonight at home and can take the lead in the series. I'll let you know because I know you're really, secretly interested.

  7. I'll let you know because I know you're really, secretly interested.

    Heh. This is precisely why I post so much hockey stuff. ;-)

  8. Both of "my teams" are folding like a chinese laundry, bring on the football. Heck I may start to watch baseball at this rate. How 'bout those Nolan owned Rangers!!

    ok, that's a true Montreal fan talkin, if it's 3 losses I'm folding on the season as nothing will make sense for me until October

  9. When I was a little kid, we actually wen to rodeos at the Cow Palace, both the Grand National and the Junior Livestock Exposition. I saw the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus there, too... not to mention a lot of hockey games when the Western Hockey League played out here.

  10. marc: I'm confused... which two teams are ya talkin' about? One would think Vancouver/Montreal, but your Rangers comment confused me.

    US: I was PART of a circus at the Cow Palace back in the day. A gaggle of friends and I went to see the Allman Bros on either New Year's Eve or New year's Day (I forget which) and that was quite a circus... with many more clowns than lions, tho.

  11. ah, both my hockey teams are folding ... Vancouver & Montreal are folding.

    I may have to resort to watching baseball instead of anything else, at least until week 10 of NFL. Real baseball for example, the Nolan Ryan (partially owned) Texas Rangers. Nolan Ryan was a baseball player... ;)

    I sense that I won't be doing anything but working / sleeping until October, which makes the bills not so odious. At some point, I may even taste beer again. It's been that long.

    *apologies for reminding you of your laundry.

  12. *apologies for reminding you of your laundry.

    Heh. Apologies accepted. And thanks for the clarification. You say "Rangers" and I think Noo Yawk, not Texas. Coz I'm built that way. ;-)

  13. Well with another few performances like they've mailed in, hockey's going to be a distant memory.
    I may have to lean towards Pittsburgh, but you see? none of the teams I favor have done real well this year.
    ... hence, I'm left with baseball. and a return to beer.

  14. Pittsburgh? The freakin' Flightless Birds?!?

    Ooooh, marc. Yer stock just hit bottom here at EIP...

  15. Those of us in the Windy City are not unhappy with the outcome.

    FYI to Buck: I was in the Motor City when the Wings brought The Cup home in 1997. That was pretty dang cool.

  16. wilko: I lived in Dee-troit for ten years, leavin' in '96 when I got transferred to another job. Then the Wings go and win The Cup the very next year. That's me: always a day late and a dollar short.


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