Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apropos o' Not Much...

Ye Olde Ancestral Home...

Haunted, even!  This by way of Occasional Correspondent Lin who never ceases to amaze me with her finds.  We had a brief conversation after I viewed the above video, pieces o' which included...
Me:  re: the vid.   How interesting!  Ye Olde Ancestral Home makes the big-time!  I'm 99.94% sure there's no relation here but it was cool to watch...

She:  Au contraire, cher, the chances of you not being related to every other Pennington or de Pennington are slim to none.  Manorial names were not commonly adopted outside the manor-holding families.  Chances of being genetically related to another Smith, Turner or Chandler are slim, given the number of unrelated trades people who assumed trade names after the Norman invasion. 
Heh.  All y'all will have to keep an eye on me as I might start putting on airs and stuff.  "To the manor born" and all that.


  1. Tea, scones and cricket


    Beer, cigars and hockey?

  2. God bless the landed gentry. They made us, our democracy, our success..and also made our greatest sacrifices. Take all the airs and graces you want! Wonderful you can trace your history.

  3. Inno: Both have their place, no? The trick is getting the right bits in the right place...

    Alison: Lin did what little tracing there might be here. While I AM interested in history in the larger sense I'm not into that genealogy thing, which is to say that which is exclusively personal. I'm much too superficial for that... ;-)

  4. Can't be the same Pennington's. There aren't any tires on that castle! ;)

  5. Good to know that you come from a good aristocratic bloodline. Your taste in music sometimes worries me (:-)) but I always felt the motorcycles and caddies and miatas and the fact that you've been all over the world more than made up for that. BTW, My next door neighbors as I grew up in the Inglewood section of Nashville were Penningtons. Good people.

  6. Huzzah!! A mandate to don a crown as you tipple a touch of fine single-malt from the Waterford!

    Having a mandate for crown-donning is never a bad thing!

  7. Heh. I just might have to go lookin' for a suitably modest crown... something a baronet might wear. But then again, given my (assumed) lineage I prolly should look for everyday crown-wear fit for a baron.

    The mental image of me on the verandah in my recently acquired rockin' chair with all the usual accoutrements and topped off (heh) with a crown is just TOO appealing.

    Thanks for the ideer, Moogie!

  8. I did not comment yesterday, because I was too busy watching video after video of England's ghosts stories.

    I think you should show up at the Pennington Castle - take a look around - act like you own the place.

    That Tom Foolery business was bizzare.

  9. I think you should show up at the Pennington Castle - take a look around - act like you own the place.

    And leave in a police car. ;-)


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