Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So we're safely ensconced at the Holiday Inn Express, kicked back, enjoyin' a Sammy Adams Winter Lager (which is actually a bock, but who's counting?) and a Drew Estates Dirt Torpedo, while patiently awaiting Pizza The Hut to arrive with dinner, supposedly within the hour.  Because they ARE busy tonite.

I was pleasantly surprised when the desk clerk asked me if I wanted "smoking? or non-?" this afternoon, laboring as I am under the impression that ALL hotel chains in these United States surrendered to the anti-smoking Nazis long ago.  Well, surprise.  HIE didn't run up the white flag and we are most pleased.  They will get my future bid'niz when I'm either (a) driven out of house and home by Ol' Man Winter or (b) find myself in a strange city for no apparent reason.  Huzzah, and all that.

I thought I did a pretty good job of packing for my short stay, remembering my meds, the Kindle, the charger for my cell phone, the cigar cutter, a three-day supply of beer, yadda, yadda.  And clothes.  Can't forget those.  But there's always sumthin', no?  In this case it's a bottle opener, as the beer I drink does NOT come in twist-cap bottles.  HIE to the rescue, again.  There was a bottle opener at the front desk and it was put in my hot lil hand minutes ago with instructions to return it "when you're done."

That might be a while.  Life is good.  And warm.


  1. Enjoy the coffee and breakfast!

  2. Buck, Damn! That's 2 straight nights of farenheit gooseeggs. I thought we had it bad here in late Dec. early Jan. but that's dreadful cold. You did right to move in to the Holiday Inn Ex. Kick back, light up a stogie, stay warm, and enjoy your stay. You're obviously all WiFied up there, so keep the posts coming from the cold front.

  3. Thank you all. The wifi is pretty fast, too, Dan.

  4. Keep warm, Buck.

    We're in store for a doozy storm tonight and tomorrow around these parts. They've already started to cancel flights out of the city.

    But the cold is an entirely different animal. I'll take the snow over freezing cold any day of the week.

  5. It hit here last night about 9 PM, but we are all snuggled down at the Lazy B. It could be a day of four-wheeling and sledding.

  6. A local Facebook friend (a real-life friend, too btw) just reported that DFW is shut down.

    The local HIE's oughta rack up tonight.

    I think it's dropped 30 degrees here in three hours. Most of that in about two minutes.

    Once again...excellent decision. And, I'll confess ignorance. I know not what a "chepper" is.

  7. But the cold is an entirely different animal. I'll take the snow over freezing cold any day of the week.

    Agreed, Mr. Mayor. This is the sort of cold that kills people.

    Lou: Did you get enough snow to go sledding? We sure didn't... it looks like mebbe an inch or less outside.

    Andy: I was amazed at how quickly our temps dropped yesterday. I think we hit our high around 0900 yesterday morning and it was ALL downhill from there. The WX Channel folks are worse than their usual breathy selves over this one.

  8. We did get enough for some sledding. I will post some picks soon - taken from inside the house, because it is too cold for me to be outside. Ususally it melts off quickly, but the cold temps may keep the snow around for a little while.

  9. Huzzah, indeed! Man, I missed a lot on my travel day!

  10. Lou: I wouldn't be doin' any sleddin' if all y'all are anything like what we have in P-Ville. It's too damned cold for anything.

    Moogie: Well, "a lot" is relative, ain't it?


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