Friday, January 28, 2011


From the usual source, which is mostly about sputnik moments and deficits today.  But we aren't in the mood to flog dead draft animals.  We're in this sorta mood:

But it's too early for Happy Hour.  Mebbe a lil Kahlua in my coffee...


  1. I like the cartoons and the pics of the family that serves our country. One thing for the Commander to change; Silver Dolphins earned by an enlisted man that worked for a living should always be worn above waterwings of any color!
    Boyce Williams (on face book)
    A former MM2(SS)
    PS Yerba Feed Mill was built by my Moms oldest brother.

  2. These two cartoons are great. I needed a good laugh to get the day started. Thanks Buck.

  3. I work at a University, I have to drive on the few roads they have left open and every day some dork kid walks in front of the car. The first toon has given me i deers!


    Word verification: darenci _ i'm thinking its a challenge sorta like a double dog dare...

  4. There was a story around last week about a woman in a mall in (I think) PA who was so busy texting that she walked out of a store and straight into a fountain.

    She tried to sue the mall because no one from security came to check on her for 20 minutes. In the meantime she got out of the fountain and left the mall.

    Probably took security that long to stop laughing. The woman was in her 50s.

  5. The sun is ALWAYS over the yard-arm SOMEWHERE on the Globe, Buck, don't let local time stop hold you back! :)

  6. Silver Dolphins earned by an enlisted man that worked for a living should always be worn above waterwings of any color!

    I think you'd have to take that up with Big Navy, Boyce. ;-)

    SN2 was also an MM... an A-ganger. And he is MOST proud of his dolphins; he has a silver dolphins license plate on the front of his primary vehicle.

    Thanks for droppin' in and most especially for the kind words!

    Scooney and Anon: Thank ya, Sirs. And be careful, Anon... ya MIGHT get sued. ;-)

    Kris: I've seen that vid of the fountain-lady over and over... it's everywhere. She has a lot of nerve to sue the security people.

    Virgil: Happy Hour is almost upon us, and it will be outdoors today. Huzzah!

  7. Excellent cartoons, Buck. That coffee Kahlua sounds pretty good to me right now. Even though it's after midnight!

  8. Kahlua over ice cream works pretty good, too!


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