Friday, January 28, 2011

Attitude Adjustment Hour Is Upon Us

Note that we're not using the usual, customary, and reasonable term... Happy Hour... to describe our afternoon beer drinkin' and/or cocktails.  Our attitude really IS in need of adjustment as our day began badly and kinda slid all the way to the bottom of the hill before it began to get better.  

We woke up with a dry-air nosebleed and not just a minor case of spotting, either.  I was beginning to think we were gonna be in need of a transfusion before the flow was stanched, at the risk of dipping into the TMI bucket.  We're also waiting semi-anxiously for the results of some medical tests to come in, said condition entirely unrelated to nosebleeds, but is bothersome and aggravating none the less.  Finally... as if all the foregoing isn't enough... I've developed one of my recurring minor gum infections.

All of which (hopefully) are nits.  Yet I'm reminded that "when it starts to fall apart it REALLY falls apart!"

That would be the Tragically Hip, who shall feature prominently in Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack.   I searched ALL over for the studio version of this tune with no results.  It's a rare live video on The Tube o' You that's actually worth a shit and this is no exception to the rule.  But the flavor is there... specifically these bits:
See when it starts to fall apart
It really falls apart
Like boots or hearts, Oh when they start
They really fall apart
We're on about health issues here, the Hip are on about something entirely different but no less true.  I've sung this song in THAT context, too.  But not lately.

Beer Me!

Update, 1615 hrs:  Well, we're back indoors after a very satisfying AAH.  Well, sorta.  Pandora's Tragically Hip station features entirely too many songs from the end game of Former Happy Days.  Like this:

Matchbox Twenty - Back 2 Good
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We have this bit in mind, of course:
I was thinking if you were lonely
Maybe we could leave here and no one would know
At least not to the point that we would think so  
Well, so much for that sentiment.  There might have been some folks who "wouldn't know," but that shit all came out in the wash now, dint it?

I'll prolly not go back to that particular Pandora station ever again... coz there was much more Tragic than Hip in the play-list... and we'll opt for our own music collection in future.  Even after many, many years there are just some tunes I don't want to ever hear again.  And this was just one; there were more... many more.

Still and even, this unfortunate turn of events wasn't enough to poison our Attitude Adjustment Hour.  We ARE adjusted and all is (mostly) right with the world.  Franklin was correct.


  1. Sounds like you really do need an adjustment. You'd better have 2!

  2. I ALWAYS have two, Deb. We may have three or four today.

  3. Now THAT sounds like a plan!

  4. Hope things take a turn for the better. Probably just nits, but still...

  5. "See when it starts to fall apart
    It really falls apart"

    I hear you on that one Buck. We've had a taste of that bitter draft ourselves lately. The way these nasty things come in clusters makes us think there's some sort of perceivable pattern/design. And so some argue that if you accept the design "proof" for the existence of God, then He/She must be a very malicious being.

    Anywho, take care, my friend. Hope the tests give good results.

  6. Will think good thoughts about those test results. Hope all is well.

    Music can be so very powerful - in good and bad ways. There are songs I can't listen to anymore; not for nearly the same reasons but the end result is the same.

  7. "When it starts to fall apart it really falls apart"

    Yep, I can relate to that!
    I hope your tests all come out good. Do I sense a little "Mid-winter blahs" sneaking up on you?
    Throw back another one, and ever thing's gonna be awrite!

  8. BR: Thank ya, Sir.

    Dan: I've had similar thoughts about the supreme being, which is why I'm more Buddhist in my outlook than anything.

    But yeah: clusters. Le sigh.

    Kris: All TOO true about the music!

    Ed: It's way too early for mid-winter blahs. Just wait until the end of next month if ya wanna see those!

    And thank you all for the kind words/good thoughts concerning the tests. What we're looking at is just small-stuff in the general scheme of things.


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