Friday, December 17, 2010

False Alarm

I think it's a condition of employment for weathermen:  your forecast MUST be a worst-case scenario, come Hell or high water.  So our "one to three inches" has devolved into this:
Bands and areas of light to moderate snow will linger across much of eastern New Mexico and the northern Sacramento Mountains and adjacent Highlands through mid day. Most areas will see little in the way of new snow accumulation but up to an inch is possible in snow bands. Conditions are expected to improve this afternoon.
It's chilly though, at 30 degrees.  I'm thinkin' this might be as warm as it gets today.  I'm snug as the proverbial bug/rug and it's been perfect sleeping weather.  That's code for "I just got up."  The coffee is EXCELLENT this morning!


  1. Stay warm Buck! It might be time to break out the Yac!

  2. You just got up. Funny, it's chilly and rainy here -- I was just contemplating a nap!

  3. Dale: Iam!

    Moogie: Rainy chilly days are simply MADE for naps.

  4. We got a bit of snow earlier, but it did not stick. I was all for curling up with a good book, but Jes has me running out to the barn now and then to check on the kiln. The things I do for that girl!

    VW: opottyp - good word for how I feel about going out in the cold.

  5. We have a couple of TV weather ladies that almost get orgasmic at the slightest possibility of tornadoes in the area. The descriptive word there may seem a bit strange, but it's fitting.

  6. I think the truth is that weather guessers are generally clueless as to what will really happen, as mother nature shows no inclination to following established patterns. If they predict worse case, everyone is happy if the weather is better. Not so much when the tables are turned.

    Stay warm!

  7. The weather weenies in Canada reside in a bunker in Winterpeg Manitoba and attempt to get it right. Unfortunately they're wrong more often than estimators (industry average is 10%). The best way to predict the weather here is to open the window.

  8. Lou: Nothing stuck here, either. And our flurries barely lasted ten minutes.

    Dan: I hear ya. That said, the teevee WX people in OKC take that swirly-wind crap SERIOUSLY. OKC has the best WX people I've ever seen, actually. And they are useful, as well.

    Deb and BR: I almost feel compelled to speak up for WX forecasters. The science has improved by at least an order of magnitude in my lifetime and the guys in ABQ (and elsewhere) are right more often than they're wrong. It's pretty funny when they miss the target, tho... granted.


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