Friday, December 17, 2010

Apropos o' Nuthin'

I just finished watching the president sign the stealth stimulus bill (with my teevee muted) and it struck me how positively ODD it is that signing ceremonies always involve six or more pens.  I know the purpose behind this quirky practice but I'm wonderin' just how one breaks one's signature up into six discrete parts.  That must be one of those "learned" skills.

Closing shot:  Granted, this is an old, old pic.  But have you EVER seen a bigger gaggle of obnoxious, useless people than the above?  I mean... EVER?

Update 1540 hrs, in which I answer my own question:  Well, yes.  Yes, we have.

Sorry, Gentle Reader.  How quickly we forget, no?


  1. The pens are a bit over the top.

    The Johnson family used to ski in RR. I remember one of the Secret Service guys giving a presidential pen to a friend of mine. I also remember Luci being a bit of pain in the butt.

  2. Heh. Like father, like daughter. ;-)

  3. In the first pic, they do look happy, don't they?

  4. Buck - I admire your fortitude to watch, even with the sound off. I just can't stomach these people.

  5. I think Obama just prints one letter at a time.

    I remember the first time I noticed that. Carter was President, and I just figured he had to stop every once in a while to remember how to spell James Earl.

    One other did that negro lady get in there? I mean the one in the first picture...

  6. I'm with Kris. I can't listen to this crap. On the way in to work this morning, The One came on the radio with his weekly address. I switched stations.

    Dan, I'm sure they are laughing and smiling at how much they just stuck to all us little people. "Let them eat cake".

  7. First picture -- at least attrition is taking a toll.

    Did I really just say that out loud?

  8. Dan: Yeah, they DO and their expressions reminds me of the sort one sees on the "mentally challenged."

    Kris & BR: It's not THAT hard to watch these clowns with the sound off. You have the extra added benefit of making up your own dialog, too.

    I think Obama just prints one letter at a time.

    Nah. I've seen photos of his signature and that can't be right.

    Moogie: A number of things came to my mind about the object of your comment. Most of which were about fire and brimstone, but we decided to skip those sort of comments in deference to Mom's First Dictum ("If you can't say anything NICE..."). Good On YOU, tho!

  9. Forget the pens, do you think they had a sale on flags at the PX??

  10. The host of flags is one of my hot buttons too, Anon. When did we reach the point where ONE wasn't enough?


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