Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Good to Be the King Wings

Just some quotes collected during the last few days... with a BIG hat-tip to Kukla's Korner:
The Red Wing-lovers at Kuklas Korner get positively orgasmic when I write stuff like this, so consider it an early Christmas present: From a GM, “Detroit is the best team we’ve played this year. It’s not even close. Their puck control is incredible...You have to hope your goalie has a great night to give you a chance.” -Elliotte Friedman of CBC

Detroit defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom, nicknamed “the perfect human” by Red Wings fans, hasn’t been far off that level. Lidstrom, 40, is winning raves for his play at both ends of the ice.  -Helene Elliot, LA Times

“It seems like everything they do is right.  Chipping pucks out of the zone, blind passes … they all end up on their tape. Sometimes it’s like ‘What else can you do?’ Over time they’ve proven that it’s not luck. They’re a very skilled team.”  -Derek MacKenzie of the Columbus Blue Jackets talking about the Detroit Red Wings. (This after the BJs were swept in a home and home series with the Wings this weekend)

Mike Modano's unfortunate injury means more power-play time for Jiri Hudler. There's more than enough depth on this powerhouse to survive the injury. -Note to ESPN's 11/29 Power Rankings, where Detroit is Number One.  Again.

As of today the Wings are atop the Western Conference with 32 points (#2 Dallas has 29 and the Wings have two games in hand over the Stars); and are #4 in the league (just 4 points behind league-leading Washington) with four and five games in hand over the top three teams.

At 13-2-2 Jimmy Howard isn't having the dreaded "sophomore slump."  Witness:

His play is like this more often than not and is a big reason the Wings are off to a great start this year.
We're only just past the season's quarter pole and it's waaay too early to begin thinking about parades.  But still and even, we're off to one of our best starts ever.  Keep it up, Boys... and stay healthy!


  1. The Wings are flying this season. My Preds even won last night, beating Phoenix.

  2. Yeah, they look damn good, unlike the Bruins of late. If we could score, we'd be dangerous.

  3. Kinda like my Flames, if we could score we'd be dangerous as well. If only GM Sutter hadn't brought back that joke Jokinen! One of the local sports columnists likened him to a jet in a holding pattern over JFK, waiting for the fog to clear.

  4. Moogie: sigh. Your heart's in the right place, tho!

    Dan: I can't figure the Preds out... they're a real Jekyll & Hyde sorta team.

    Jim and Deb: Yeah, the Bees and the Flames certainly have their problems.

  5. Of course, as soon as I said that, they went off and scored 9 goals in two games, winning both. I have the power to make any team a winner by bitching about it!


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