Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Stuff in Today's Mail

We're resupplied with cigars, this time it's another box of CAO Italia Novellas, a smoke with which we have previous (and quite enjoyable) experience.  These lil beauties are only 4.5 inches long and relatively small at a 46 ring gauge.  Here's the packaging...

And here I am, enjoying one of these tasty lil buggers with the last o' the morning (heh) coffee.

Now I've gone and done it... I've revealed my shame for all to see on these innertubes.  Staying in one place has allowed waaay too damned much clutter to accumulate and my desktop ain't the worst of it.  And no, I ain't divulging the worst.  Use your imagination.  

But... just to compare and contrast... here's what we looked like almost eight years ago, shortly after our arrival here on The High Plains of New Mexico.

Life was much simpler then, albeit not nearly as convenient.


  1. Buck, I wonder if you know how many guys must envy your lifestyle!

    Makes me want to go buy an RV!

  2. My little house is cluttered too. I'm hoping Toby gets so uncomfortable, he will get my house finished.

  3. Scooney: Thank ya! There are a few downsides to the way I choose to live but not nearly enough to make a change.

    Lou: You're acting on the problem; I'm just bitching about it. Well, that's not entirely true. We have taken some steps in the past week or three to correct the situation.

  4. Enh - it happens to all of us. I go thru spurts of de-cluttering only to find it all has crept back in just a few short weeks later.

    Cycle of life I guess.


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