Monday, October 25, 2010

The Usual and the Unanswerable

I'm just in from an uneventful yet exciting trip over to The Big(ger) City™.  Why exciting?  Well, because of this:
Strong winds will continue to impact the central mountains eastward to the Texas state line through the mid afternoon hours. Damaging wind gusts between 60 to 70 mph will impact areas to the Lee of the central mountains such as between Moriarty to Santa Rosa as well as between Raton to Clines Corners. Persons traveling on Interstate 25 will especially be affected due to the cross wind orientation to the strong flow. Winds will tend to be westerly through the rest of the afternoon but will eventually turn northwesterly later today due to a vigorous cold frontal passage. Some blowing dust and visibility restrictions will result due to the strong winds.
"Exciting" is defined as unanticipated lane changes... or nearly so... due to a sudden gust.  We also had two episodes of "reduced visibility" due to "some" blowing dust as we were warned about above.  So it's yet another indoor Happy Hour today.  Coz it's not nice outside.

We were over to Clovis today to get a couple of nu shooz put on The Green Hornet's front end.  Now here's a mystery: I had to replace the rear tires on TGH a lil over two years and 15K miles ago.  One almost always buys tires in sets of four and such was the case with Baby's second set.  Yet her rear tires wore out... and I mean they wore out, nearly down to the cord... long before the fronts did.  

It's not like I'm in the habit of laying dual streaks of smoking rubber on the pavement when leaving stop lights... mainly coz TGH's 148 rather anemic horses can only manage to break traction in the wet, so smoky burn-outs are out of the question.  I don't consistently slide around corners with the ass-end hung out, either.  OK, once in a while where the latter's concerned, yeah, but not as a rule.  So why did a set of identical tires get 15K more miles on the front than on the rear?  No one has been able to offer me a plausible explanation to that question.

And while we're on the subject of unanswerable questions... does Joseph A. Bank ever NOT have a sale?

I am SO sick of these freakin' ads after hours and hours and hours of late-night exposure to same!  Dayum... you'd think that they could at least cut a new ad once in a while.  Or ease the pain by giving us eye-candy in the form of a sloe-eyed houri draped over well-tailored shoulders like Men's Wearhouse occasionally does.  I really miss the days of sexist advertising but that's the subject for another day and another rant.

Beer me.


  1. Been like that here in The High Desert. We cancelled the flight sked today. 35-50 with gusts to 80. F-16s have a lousy crosswind component. And The two flyers were going to need fuel. Can't fuel in high winds.

  2. I'm beginning to hat the wind almost as much as I hated snow. No, wait. That's not even remotely possible.

  3. Buck, that is a mystery. In my experience, front tires normally wear more quickly than rear.

    Hmmmmm...Maybe TGH has been stepping out while you're not looking, and burning rubber.

  4. Andy: My experience, too. Like I said: no one has been able to explain this to me, and that includes the guys at the tire shop.

  5. It's not like I'm in the habit of laying dual streaks of smoking rubber on the pavement

    Nuh uh. I'm not buying it!

    Re: Jos. A. Bank and sales -- no. There is not a time when they're not having a sale. Kinda like Macy's (except that Macy's exempts most stuff that's be remotely interesting.)

  6. Nuh uh. I'm not buying it!

    But it's TRUE! You have to seriously TRY to leave rubber in a Miata, like rev it to five grand and then drop the clutch. Which is hard on my baby and has only been done a handful of times in ten years.

    re: sales. Suspicions confirmed.

  7. Heh! That reminds me of an old story from about 30 years ago that Bob Uecker told about Spring Training...I think in Sun City, AZ. (or some other community...coulda' been Palm Springs, I don't remember)

    He said that the old guys down there drag race every evening. They jack the rear end off the ground, and the guy that runs out of gas first wins.

  8. BTW: It was A LOT funnier when Bob told it...

  9. Well, I thought it was pretty good when YOU told it. But... "old" is relative, ain't it? ;-)

  10. Indeed it is, Buck! Back when I heard Bob tell that, I figured those old guys must have been at least 50 or somethin'...

  11. Heh. I remember believing... I mean REALLY believing... The Who when they sang "Hope I die before I get old..." Times have changed.


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