Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Berry Schools Mr. Richards

Stay with it until the end and you'll be rewarded with a kick-ass version of one of Mr. Berry's signature tunes.  But it's the interplay between Master and Student at the beginning that's simply priceless.  Who knew "Carol" could be so hard?

BTW... Mr. Berry celebrated his 84th birthday a week ago today.  Long Live the REAL King of Rock'n'Roll!


  1. So I'm just wondering - Keith Richards is clean and sober...right?

    Cuz you really can't tell.

  2. That's part of his substantial charm, M'Dear. ;-)

  3. He looks healthier today than he did in the early 80s. He looked like a zombie then.

  4. Wasn't Keith the leading candidate in numerous "death pools" during that time? I think so...

  5. After dealing with several elderly ladies on two separate incidents yesterday, I almost did not get past the first part of the video. I thought maybe Chuck was just going to be a grumpy old man, but I'm glad I hung in there for the whole video. The music was great, and Keith is sumpin' else.

  6. Actually Keith Richards does perform a valuable community service each time he surfaces:

    He is the poster child for the long-term effects of heroin abuse.

  7. Did you see him on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend? Keef, that is. Looked positively... well, like Keef. Still smoking, and when asked about past habits, he got a far away dreamy look in his eyes when he discussed heroin. The man is an amazing medical anomaly, and my hero.

  8. Oh, that ain't the heroin. Folks can be heroin addicts for decades, and still be relatively functional and not look like a corpse.

    It was the booze (and a total lack of sunlight) that gave him his healthy glow.

  9. ...each time he surfaces:

    Heh. Your bias is showing, M'Dear.

    The man is an amazing medical anomaly, and my hero.

    One of my heroes, too. I said that in comments at Gordon's place, which is what prompted him to give me the link to this vid.

    Lou: It WAS worth the wait, wasn't it? Those geezers... BOTH of 'em, ALL of 'em... can PLAY.


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