Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Thoughts EXACTLY

Take your $250.00 and pay down the national debt, asshat.  Or rather don't frickin' ADD to it on my behalf.  I don't want it; I don't NEED it.


  1. Dittoing on the "my thoughts exactly." I think it's obvious after the weekend that he does indeed think we're all stoopid.

    Or, maybe the unicorn at Andy's place is bringing in a big ol' boatload of money!

  2. Yeah, it's unfortunate, at best, about Obama. That's bein' REAL kind of me.

  3. It is clearly true that Obama thinks Americans are stupid.

    We cling to our guns and religion and we don't think clearly when we are afraid.

    P.BO, I got news for you - I am thinking very clearly when I hold onto my guns in a Weaver Stance which in turn makes me less fearful.

  4. All that crap about Americans "being afraid" irritates the livin' shit outta me. Just sayin'.

  5. > It is clearly true that Obama
    > thinks Americans are stupid.

    No more stupid than Bush thought we were when he gave us $300 ... twice.

  6. Beg to differ, Lori. Dubya sent everyone $300; Obama/Pelosi are proposing to send only geezers (those on Social Security) $200.00. There IS a difference, however slight.

    And Obama clearly does think we're stoopid... what with his talk about Americans "not thinking clearly because we're scared." I'd call that insulting the electorate, something Dubya NEVER did. In public, at least, and I sincerely doubt he ever did so in private. Say what you like about Dubya (and I know you have MUCH to say) but he wasn't a frickin' elitist like the current "resident."


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