Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Ever Piggie Post

That would be Mister Male Chauvinist Piggie, to you.

Oh, my.  SO many thoughts as to a caption are rattling around in my sexist, exploitative, demeaning brain.  Where to begin? (Which works both as thought and caption)  Will the circle be unbroken?  A Virtuous Circle, indeed!  (Please note I did NOT say "vicious.")  What?  I'm open to suggestion.

It IS quite the photo, though... innit?


  1. Dear Santa,

    I'd like 1430, 1730, & 2100.

    Quite the photo indeed.

  2. 1725 floats MY boat, Anon. ;-)

  3. I've always been a fan of hardwood floors! Apparently those lovely ladies like the hardwood as well...


  4. That is one magnificent collection of feminine pulchritude. I wish it were possible to spin the circle slightly, this way and that, to get a better view of certain segments of it.

  5. Uh HUH. Give me two pickets to Tittsburgh. I mean... oh, well. You get the idea.

    In case you haven't heard that one:

    Bob says to Bill:

    "You know, the other day I was really embarrassed. There was this gorgeous cashier at the ticket window, and when it was my turn I asked her for two pickets to Tittsburgh."

    Bill says:

    "I know what you mean. Yesterday I was having breakfast with my wife and I meant to say "pass the salt, " but instead I said "You b****! You ruined my life!"

  6. Where to begin? That would be the issue!

    Wonder how far around I'd make it opposed to yesteryear!

  7. Heh, it's a color palette!

    1725 is quite lovely. And stacked!

  8. OK, looks like I need to be the first girl to comment on all this nekkid loveliness.

    Applause for showing some normal women in that mix rather than the usual stick insects.

  9. Buck: Heh!

    Jim: That's a great ideer... but...

    Cricket: I heard those before but they bear repeating!

    L-Andy: Surely you jest.

    S-Andy: FTW!

    Mushy: Given enough time... measured in days or possibly weeks... I could make it all the way.

    Christina: Color palette, indeed! I'll bet 1725 uses a LOT of sunscreen.

    Kris: I wouldn't have posted this if the photo had been nothing but stick figures.

  10. Indeed I do.

    "Jest," I mean.

  11. Whew. Ya had me worried there for a microsecond or three.

  12. Jailbait.

    Some of them seem to have recently returned from Brazil, too.

  13. Only a woman would notice the tan-lines.

  14. Some of them seem to have recently returned from Brazil, too.

    Heh. I hadn't noticed. Much.

  15. I think Moogie was making the usual, customary, and sorta reasonable comment re: carpet and drapes, Andy. At least that's how **I** read it.

  16. Nyuk!

    That one sailed right over my head, Buck. Y'all cosmopolitan types are way above my pay grade.

    Now, it's even funnier.

  17. I second Kris from New England... nice to see REAL woman of all shapes and sizes... forming a beautiful colour palate.

    I dig this photo on so many levels!


  18. What is it about naked people that you want to look; don't want to look; don't look; have to look, etc.

  19. And what is it about naked women that guarantees someone will say "skinny girls aren't real?" Even though there was nothing, anywhere in any of the context suggesting any kind of a value judgment regarding the relative size or shape of women.

    Do you think skinny girls look at pictures of so-called "real" women and start barking "Hey! Where's me? Why am I not represented? No room for us make-believe girls in your world?"

  20. KC: The pic IS nice, innit?

    Lou: I never seem to have those sorts of conflicting emotions... ;-)

    Do you think skinny girls look at pictures of so-called "real" women and start barking...

    Mebbe. Mebbe not. But I'm reasonably sure said "skinny girls" would be making snide comments about "fat girls," if only internally. Coz women are their own worst enemies. Would you pass me that bag of clichés, please?

  21. There isn't much that's hotter than a jet black bush.

  22. Yeah there is... a RED one. ;-)


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