Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better Than I Thought...

SN1 called earlier today to let me know the Air Force had FINALLY caught up with him and was sending him to Leavenworth, which is an inside joke for us military types.  But what The Major really meant was he's in receipt of his next assignment... here:
The U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (USAC&GSC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is a United States Army facility that functions as a graduate school for United States Armed Forces and foreign military leaders. It was originally established in 1881 as a school for infantry and cavalry by William Tecumseh Sherman.
That's from The Wiki (I cut most of the links).  So... congrats are most appropriate, as are commiserations of the highest order.  Coz he'll have to put up with one solid year of "HOOAH!"... the Army's universal answer to every question known to man.  Example:  "What is reality?"  Acceptable Army response:  "Hooah!"

I feel for the boy.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaand...

    Hooah! to the boy!

  2. Hooooahhh!

    Leavenworth's actually a beautiful post with loads of history.

    The BOQs are pretty sad, though.


  3. Oh yeah, hell yeah. Hearty congrats to SN1.

    I shall refrain from using that phrase. My car can do it better - it's my vanity plate: HOO AAH

  4. Leavenworth's actually a beautiful post with loads of history.

    To give the Army its due... there are a LOT of beautiful posts sprinkled around the country and I've visited more than a few. I'm always pretty impressed with the general officer quarters on the older posts. RHIP, and all that.

    Kris: I never cease to learn fascinating things about you, Girl!

  5. Kind of an odd post for a zoomie. I'd of figured he would've hit up the Air War College at Maxwell. I'm sure he got the assignment for being one sharp O-4 though. Congrats Maj. Pennington! I'm with you on the tour of Leavenworth as opposed to a sentence. It is big army so there may not be much difference. Hooah? Hooah!

  6. That is WAY cool!

    I don't know how difficult it will be to adjust from the lush SC environment to the hardness of the Kansas plains. But, he seems to be built of sturdy stuff, so I'm sure he'll be fine...and much easier for your old frame to visit.

    Since I've got one Soldier, I will not rag on them, nor their facilities. But I'm thinkin'...I sure hope this leads on to better things...like maybe C-Springs.

  7. I'm sure he got the assignment for being one sharp O-4 though.

    Exactly the case, Anon. The joint service school billets are supposedly reserved for the best and brightest... in all the services. I shudder at your Big Army thought...

    ...and much easier for your old frame to visit.

    That's one the better aspects of the assignment, Andy... speaking from the purely personal perspective.

  8. My first thought was that now when you go visit SN1, you might swing by OK - well you could ya know.

  9. Buck - I may look soft and sweet but inside I'm a total bad ass.

    Just ask The Oracle.


  10. ...well you could ya know.

    And I just might!

    Just ask The Oracle.

    I'll take ya at your word, Kris. ;-)

  11. C-Springs. Ahhh! Memories of Fort Carson!

  12. They called it Air Command and Golf College around me. At least the chaplain who had attended called it that. He enjoyed telling stories about learning that you can't land a KC-135 on an PSP runway.

  13. Gordon: Heh. I think SN1 is already getting some good gouge in this space, too.


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