Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Since today's Happy Hour theme is opulence (see two posts below) we decided to go upmarket and listen to the Brandenburg concertos... ALL six of 'em.  But Number Three is our favorite...

I defy anyone to NOT hum along... or play a lil air-cello or air-violin.  Bach was rock 'n' roll before there was such a thing.

We'll return to our mean-spirited musical posts at some point in the near future.

Update, 1715 hrs:  You know how sometimes "things" just seem to work out right, e.g., everything comes together like it should... no ifs, ands, or buts?   Today's Happy Hour was (and is) a lot like that, in that our cigar lasted for two beers and the complete Brandenburg song-cycle, which is to say all six concertos.  

It was SO good, in fact, that we've decided to extend Happy Hour.  All we have to do at this point is select our next cigar, our musical accompaniment, and decide if we'll stay with beer or move on to gin and tonics... coz the weather is just perfect (81 degrees and 20% relative humidity) for that sorta thang.  It don't hardly get better than this, Gentle Reader.  All that's missing is suitable company. 


  1. Now that is a good Happy Hour(s)!

  2. Our weather today was also extremely nice, with more "niceness" for the next few days.

    And Hurricane Danielle can just keep her butt well out in the ocean!

  3. I am smiling for you Buck!

    The Brandenburgs - how do you pick a favorite???

    And if you like the baroque style try entering "Locatelli" in your Pandora radio and wait for the awe-inspiring beauty of what you will hear. I've been hooked on it for 2 weeks now. Can't get enough of it.

  4. Paula: Thanks. Isn't it NICE to be able to comment on a blog without having to go through moderation and NEVER making the cut? ;-)

    Kath: I hear ya about Danielle. Here's hopin'...

    Kris: I do like baroque, but some of the harpsichord stuff gets on my nerves after a while... especially the long solos. Thanks for the Locatelli tip; I'll try that out today.

  5. Oh Hell yes.

    Note in particular that each player is expressing his or her own inner sense of the time - as opposed to playing along with the drummer, which is the unfortunate effect of virtually all rock music. And note, of course, the unanimity of their passion.

    I've had the glorious opportunity to sing as a soloist on a few occasions with world-class musicians of this ilk, and the propulsion of their rhythm is an unmatchable experience. Imagine making music in a room full of people who can hear sunlight on a meadow, and are always listening.

    My goodness, those folks boogie like a bitch, don't they?

  6. Rob: Lucky you for having the opportunity to sing with these sorts of folks. And they DO boogie, indeed.


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