Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It's Always SUMTHIN' VII

I haven't had a head/chest cold since my COPD went south and I went on serious drugs for it, including nighttime O2.  Up until now, that is, and I'm here to tell ya it really SUCKS.  I didn't realize I had a cold, or failed to recognize the symptoms until fairly late last night, in yet another case of advancing senility.  

I always wake up with some minor congestion in my chest - that's part of the COPD territory - but I clear it by the time my second cup o' coffee is done.  Not so yesterday... the congestion just kept getting worse and worse as the morning wore on and was accompanied by one helluva rasping cough.  I tethered myself to the Omachine sometime around 1500 hrs and that didn't seem to help much, if at all.  By 2130 hrs my breathing had become increasingly laborious - I was literally gasping for air - that I was seriously considering calling 911.  I'm not a Drama Queen by any means, but it really was THAT bad.

I'm glad I didn't, coz I would have looked like a fool.  I have a bottle of Tylenol Cold and Flu - Severe in the medicine cabinet and took a healthy dose right after I had The Mom Of All Duh Moments.  I also shot up with nasal decongestant spray and whattaya know?  I was breathing relatively freely within a half hour.  Life is a lot better this morning (but I won't go so far as to say "good"); we're sitting here waiting for the morning dose of TCaF-S to kick in after a reasonably restful night.

Better living through chemistry.  Gotta love it.  Senility, on the other hand...


  1. Ah Buck - I sympathize is so many ways. When you spend your days as if you are breathing thru a straw whilst an elephant parks its sizeable arse on your chest - a cold can, um, complicate things dramatically.

    Glad you found the meds and that they are working. BUT don't ever see a trip to the ER as being a drama queen...please.

  2. Hope the bug passes through quickly, my friend.

    I enjoy the fact that I rarely get colds (knocks vigorously on wood).

  3. I know you relate, Kris. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    BR: I'm reasonably sure it's been at least three years since I had a cold. Like you I generally don't get 'em.

  4. Summer colds seem worse than winter ones - maybe it is because they are just so unexpected. There has been a rash of them around here - GGs were both down last week. Buy the drugs you have to sign for and get well soon.

  5. Don't feel silly to call/ask for help -- that scary feeling of not being able to breathe is sooooo not fun. When that little moment of panic comes bec. you are NOT getting air -- yeah, been there. (Had a couple asthma attacks that I don't want to relive.)

    God bless Tylenol Cold & Flu! Take your medicine and you get better, young man!!

    Maybe just a nice Dr. appt on Fri., just to be sure? :)

  6. Geez, Buck! What Kris and Kath said!

    My daddy suffers from COPD, too, so while I don't know what it feels like, I know how it sounds.

    NEVER feel silly seeking help!!!

    All right -- your women have fussed at you adequately now.

    For the time being.

  7. Lou: I agree with ya on summer colds: they ARE worse.

    Kath and Moogie: Thanks for the warm words. I know you do it coz you care. ;-)

  8. I don't know what it feels like to have COPD but I've had pleursy a couple of times over the years. There is a painful squeezing sensation in the lungs with that which results in loss of air, gasping, and a panic attack (at least in my case) and it scared the bejesus out of me. I'm with Kris and Kath and Moogie. By all means, call 911. Take care.

  9. Sorry about the double comment. I think my brain is in full shutdown mode today. But the comment thingy told me my word verif. had failed on the first one.

  10. Fixed that, Dan. COPD feels much the same as you describe pleursy, in that you can't breathe and gasp for what little air you DO get. Thank The Deity At Hand I have that oxygen machine... it really helped. I hear ya about the panic thing, too. Keeping that under control took a lot of will.


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