Thursday, August 19, 2010


Congrats for what, you may ask?  Well... after today you get to keep everything you make for your own personal use.  Everything you made this year... up to this point in time... went to support the gub'mints -- federal, state, and local.  From my congressman's e-mail news letter (chase the link below):
You've worked all year to this point just to pay for federal, state and local government. 231 days into the year and you can finally say you've worked enough to pay for your government according to the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation's Center for Fiscal Accountability.

Out of control government spending from the failed stimulus to the repeated bailouts of state and local governments and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have got us to this point. Just two years ago, Cost of Government Day fell in mid-July. Now it falls more than a month later, and yet Congress and this White House want to keep spending.

Americans should not be spending 63% of their year working to pay for government and all its rules and regulations.
Had enough?  The mid-terms are coming...  As for me?  I'll vote to send Mr. Brady back to Washington.  He's my kinda guy.


  1. I guess we can all stop asking ourselves "Where did it all go?"

  2. Holy. Cow. I try to avoid information like that. It gives me a headache and the voices in my head start suggesting that I do unpleasant things.

    (Not really, about the voices thing. you never know where the black helicopters are!)

  3. Andy: THAT'S a double-edged comment if I ever read one.

    Moogie: Heh on the voices. They speak to me, too!

    Kris: Yeah... ain't it?

  4. Not sure what you got out of my comment Buck, but I would love to know. Feel like I might have done something accidentally clever, and I need to claim credit for it.

  5. Well, there was the obvious about why the average family has little disposable income, but I also read "incompetent gub'mint" into the comment, as well.

  6. Good Lord. Tax Freedom Day is this late now? The last time I heard of the concept, a few years back, I think it was sometime in June. I'm flabbergasted.

  7. Have to admit to not intending it, but check and double-check. Right on both counts.


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