Friday, June 18, 2010

You Must Have Me Confused...

That would be me, addressing The Weather Gods.  A short while ago:

This is NEW MEXICO, thank you very much, not freaking Loosy-anna or Mrs. Hippy.  We don't DO humidity in these parts, just in case you forgot.  Which you obviously have, given the weather you've sent our way in the last couple o' few days or so.  I don't mind the t-storms as long as you keep the wind coming from and going to places in a straight line.  None of that swirly Okie wind, thanks yet again.  And we do need all the rain we can get, unlike some other parts of these United States.  Just back off on the humid stuff, mmm-kay?


Confused, Part Deux.  Look at this picture, Gentle Reader.  Does this not look like the front of this laptop?

Well, it's NOT.  Proof:

Note, if you will, that the screen hinge cover on the right side of the top picture is sprung.  That's because it took me NO LESS than ten frickin' minutes to figure out those silver things were NOT latches, in the course of such time I managed to spring the "latch" on the right side by trying to force it open.  I could not open the laptop to save my life... even after minutes upon minutes of trying, which included searching the owners manual (in vain) for instructions on how one would open these latches.  I finally stumbled on to the fact that there were no latches, the screen is simply spring-loaded and pops open as easy as pie.  Once you know how.  It's a nice piece of engineering even if it does tend to confuse the Hell out of an old man.

And it works pretty good, too.  My initial impressions of Windows 7 are pretty good, so far.  We shall see if that holds.


  1. Confused. Yeah. That's life anymore.

  2. Bought a laptop a few months ago after my PC at work was experiencing problems. Went to Bestbuy on a Sat., back to work to set it up. Yada, yada…no go. Called Dell…two hours later…“Sorry. Mr. tim, you mother board is fried, please take it back and get a new one” A NEW laptop…fried from the manufacturer. Did I say I did this on a Saturday!?!?

    At least I could figure out how to open it. Not judging you Buck, I’ve been there done that with other stuff. Hell, I didn’t realize my new Ford Ranger’s extended cap had doors that opened till I took possession of it. Doh!

  3. I locked the doors on our convertible car while paying for gas. Spent about five minutes trying to open the gas cap access door. I almost used my West Marine boat tool to pry/break the gas cap door when I decided to sit down for a moment in the car and cool off.

    When I got out to try it again the little door popped open at the touch! Seems the manufacturer uses a vacuum system to lock unlock doors and trunk.


  4. Hell, if it'd been me, I'da had a flat screwdriver and a hammer after the sombitch!

    70% is high for NM, Pal. Real high.

    Trade ya'!

    Heh, last Summer one day I posted a current weather screen at 102. Staci commented, "Heck, that's like 714 in dog heat, ain't it?"


  5. I thought you was in the desert, but our weather is very similar these days.

    I'm glad you didn't pull and "Andy" on your computer.

  6. Reminds me of the time Pepper stormed into the kitchen looking for a hammer. I stopped him before he actually hit the CPU.

    Re: the humidity -- just keep telling yourself, "It's really good for my skin. It's really good for my skin. . . . "

  7. High humidity is a regular feature here in the Great Northwest (though not as regular as in, say, Houston). Yesterday we had our annual tornado day, thanks to a powerful low pressure system over northeast North Dakota.

    At one point last night about half the state was under tornado warnings. When it happened, it happened fast, and it happened all along the front. By nine p.m. you could see the line stretching from northwestern MN, through the Twin Cities, and slicing southward all the way to western Kansas.

    Most of the tornadoes rolled through farmland, as they usually do, because there's more farmland than town land.

    Verification: sucke

    As it was.

  8. Gordon: Lileks had MANY tweets about the weather in your part o' the world yesterday... my fave of which was:

    Loading up my iPad with movies and TV, because I think we're going to lose power tonight. Weathermen predicting "scattered death."

    And there were many more.

    Andy, tim, Darryl and Moogie: Ah. Been there, have we? ;-)

    Lou: I wasn't gonna get VIOLENT, but the thought DID occur to me.

    L-Andy, further: It's a cold danged day in that hottest of hot places when your humidity is lower than mine. But... no. I don't wanna trade. Sitting outside for Happy Hour, Part I was like sitting ten inches in front of God's Own Hair Dryer; we took Part II indoors. But this evening's After Dinner Whiskey Hour was VERY pleasant. That's altitude for ya.

  9. The humidity we live with here in the MidAtlantic is what we fuss over a lot -- the feeling when you walk outside that you're actually walking INTO it.

    You would think we'd be used to it!

    And I love that you couldn't get your new laptop open. The logo is most always so others can read it when you have it open.
    So glad I'm not the only one who has moments of -- but, wait, how ...
    Thanks, Buck!

  10. Humidity thy name is New England in summer. It's a warm dry day here today - nice and it won't last. Like Kath said, after living here all my life you'd think I'd be used to.


  11. One of the biggest reasons I left you guys' parts of the world (relatively speaking) and opted for NM was the humidity, and the LACK of same here.


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