Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Tonight's Happy Hour Soundtrack

I looked for Delbert McClinton's solo version of this tune but all I could find was The Blues Brothers' take, which ain't half bad... coz it features Delbert on harp and vocals.  Without further ado...

I know the Blues Bros (check that link for fascinating background) from the earliest SNL skits but their greatest claim to fame came from the movie.  Belushi's and Ackroyd's genius in putting together the Blues Bros movie (and the many iterations of the bands that carried the name).. aside from their substantial comedic talents... is they went out and got some of the BEST session guys in the bid'niz as their band.  Witness:
Steve Cropper-Guitar
Donald Duck Dunn-Bass
Paul Shaffer-Keyboards
Leon Pendarvis-Keyboards
Steve Potts-Drums
Matt Murphy-Guitar
Lou Marini-Sax
Alan Rubin-Trumpet
Birch Johnson-Trombone

As I said: the BEST.  And that made the music in the film work, and work HARD.  I don't care what the critics said at the time, there was a genuine love for the blues in evidence there and the soundtrack album was excellent.  

And then there's the lyrics to this tune:
Next I hopped a train with a hobo woman,
Said she was from Texas too.
The way she did, what she did,
what she did, what she did to me,
made me think of you.
Yeah honey made me think of you.

Doing my best to get back to you,
Ain't nothing I'd rather do,
Look for me Sunday,
Hope I'll be there, honey
With something special just for you,
Yeah a little something special just for you
"Sumthin' special just for you..."  Oh, yeah.  Delbert's version is even better than the one above... albeit quite similar... if'n ya can believe that.  Delbert is one of my all time faves, but there isn't a lot of his work available on The Tube of You, more's the pity.


All Eyes On The Skies, III:  It was yet another brilliant sunset tonite, Gentle Reader, and it's too bad ya missed it.  I'd show you photos but there are none.  SN2 and I were deep in conversation as the sun was setting and for some time well after.  I wasn't about to stop in mid-sentence and say something to the effect of "Can I call ya back?  I gotta shoot the sunset."  Nope.  Priorities, yanno?  We'll have other sunsets and lots of 'em, but time spent with our offspring... even on the phone...  is precious and not to be missed for whatever reason.

But just for grins and giggles... another shot from last evening:

I do loves me some sunsets.


  1. The sunsets are great. So you were having a son set during the sunset?

  2. You surely do get some amazing sunsets out your way. Wow.

  3. Sunset = stunning. Delbert is a stunner too, saw him in OKC a few years back. Incredible show.

  4. Lou: Heh. Yep, that's 'zactly what it was!

    Jim: We do.

    Staci: Yup on both counts, but especially Delbert. I've seen him a number of times and he's just GREAT.


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