Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Via Blog-Bud Staci... the gestalt of futbol:

See?  Bringing Marx into the game NEVER works.  But that aside, this lil clip has ALL the action of a real "match," without sweepers, strikers, wings, various colored trading cards, and all that weird stuff.


  1. It's way more exciting than the "real" thing, just my opinion.

    I'm diggin' the sunset pictures, BTW.

  2. I agree with Staci. This is way much better!

  3. That's kind of how I think of soccer anyway -- the whole idea of what the -- oh, they scored, oh, it's over. Wow.

    Hmmm, that rather to life at large, doesn't it?? ;)

  4. Oh gawd... I was laughing out loud at work with this one... That felt good!

  5. What I wanna know is how can you watch the grass grow with all of those guys running around on it?

  6. Buck, this is a really funny bit. Except for the slower running (walking really) it captures the essence of soccer perfectly. And leave it to Marx to screw the game up beyond its already impossible state.

  7. ...for the record, he actually WAS offside, so Marx was right. For once.

    And you guys just don't appreciate the intricacies of the game...the U.S.-Slovenia match was one of the most exciting sporting events I've seen in some time.

    But that video was pretty amusing.

  8. Heh! I was gonna say, "There's ONE in every crowd." But, It seems that Mike has an ally.

  9. Lou and Mike: You're outnumbered. ;-)

    That said, I DO hear ya. I've been flogging hockey in this space for YEARS, to no avail. And I don't get it.

  10. Buck, you are making some headway. I've taken somewhat of a renewed interest in hockey myself.

    I mean, it IS a sport for men. And, those guys don't fall down like crybabies when somebody smashes 'em in the face with a stick of wood.

    (Unlike the grass fairies do when someone approaches their "space.")

  11. ...when somebody smashes 'em in the face with a stick of wood.

    Or composite carbon fiber/kevlar sticks. Or if they lose seven teeth due to taking a 90 mph puck in the mouth and come back out three shifts later and play the rest of the game... and the rest of the series. Men, indeed. And I love the "grass fairies" thang!

  12. Heh! My #3 son (the soldier) taught me the "grass fairies" thing.

    When he started High School, he really wanted to be involved in a sport. He was too little for football...still is. So, he and his buddies (one now a Marine, and another headed to the Chair Force in a few weeks) pondered Soccer. Yes...they do play that game here in Louisiana.

    When Phil told me that he and his buds were gonna go out for the Wrestling Team, I was a bit concerned. Lots of queers in wrestling...just sayin'...

    But, I almost drove off off the road laughing when he said that his buddy, Robby (the Marine) decided he wouldn't be caught dead with them grass fairies...so they all settled on rasslin'!

    Still in all...I'm sure it's a fine sport.


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