Sunday, June 27, 2010

Testing... Testing... Or: Your Laugh For the Day

Doin' some testing with the laptop today... part of which was loading my photo management software and checking the CF card reader's functionality.  I had to shoot a couple of test pics to do this... and here's one:

One can see just how crooked the nose on my face is in this pic.  I came by that honestly:  in a Bourbon Street bar at age 18.  I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I said "But you shudda seen the OTHER guy!"  Like I said:  your laugh for the day.


  1. Buck, a killer pic! You look like Scotty reaching for the toggle to put the Enterprise into Maximum Warp.

  2. I'm stealing this for future use.

  3. Andy: This might could fix your squirrel problem.

    Dan: I'll agree there's something maximum warped about this pic, but it has little to do with driving.

  4. With the position of your hands, it looks as though you're twisting my right ear and... no, we won't go there.


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