Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From the Road

We did 736 miles today according to Google Maps... P-Ville to Monroe, LA... with a quickie just-off-the-freeway dinner stop in Tyler, TX... which looked like this:

Grade: C-.  The meat was fall-off-the-bones tender, there was a lot of it, but Kraft makes better sauce.  The slaw and tater salad were good, the blackeyed peas were acceptable but without NEAR enough pig fat.  The toast failed (limp and cold), and the presentation value was poor, too.  The tea was weak, but at least it was sweet tea.  "Texas' Best Smokehouse" (in Tyler, Texas) ain't.

So, we're in our hotel in Monroe, Loosy-ana and we're almost exactly half-way to our destination.  We should be at SN1's house on the morrow unless we have issues.  In the meantime, here's what we looked like about an hour or so ago...

We ARE relaxed.  I'm thinkin' one beer in a hot (that would be HOT!) jacuzzi is equal to about three on the verandah.


  1. Buck, Ahhh, road food. Love it. I take it you're not travelling in that Beemer you posted about a few days ago! No matter, be safe and enjoy the rest of the trip and your visit with family.

  2. May you have safe travels and grand adventures. How many times did you have to crawl in and out of that hot tub to get that photo just right? I know. I have weird thoughts/questions sometimes.

  3. Cobbs BBQ woulda been better...

    Just sayin'.

    Bubba, 736 miles is a bunch in a day. And that many more is a bunch more the next day. Y'all hold it between the lines!

    wv: guripers gurrrr

  4. I take it you're not travelling in that Beemer you posted about...

    Nope! And I haven't even SEEN one yet...

    Lou: Twice. And ten seconds isn't very long when you're trying to get into a slippery tub without spilling your beer or killing yourself in the process. I thought about mooning y'all, but thought again. You're welcome.

    Andy: NO doubt Cobb's would have been better.

    It' pretty easy to do a lot of distance in these United States these days, too. But we'll see...

  5. Ah Buck, you are a killjoy (on the mooning bit).

    That is alot of mileage Sir; be careful on the back half and divide it up if you have to. Be safe.

    Oh yeah and somewhere in there - have a great time!

  6. Oh my, a little Buck porn to brighten up my day.

  7. Thinking about that mileage is making my backside sore. I'd say you earned that respite in the hot tub!

    Thanks for the report from the road -- I didn't think you were leaving this early and have been a bit concerned about your conspicuous absence from the commentary.

    Have a safe, adventurous (although not too much so!), and enjoyable trip!

    Oh, and Texas barbecue? Nah. Swing up through Arkansas on the flipside -- they "get" barbecue in Arkansas!

    That close to Moogie's Mansion and you didn't stop by for a cocktail. More's the pity.

    Keep those pics coming!!

  8. I'm gonna chime in here on what Moogie wrote. I offered to buy Buck a Barbecue dinner at one of those world famous BBQ joint hole in the wall places that's been opened for about 60 years here on his way through my town.

    But, he decided to stop in Texas...for Barbecue. Sigh...

    Moogie, as you know, I have a tongue-in-cheek jawbone hatred of Arkansas. But, as you head up toward Hope from Bossier City, you come through the small town of Lewisville, AR. Back in my meat-eating days, it was a "must stop" at Burges' joint. It's an old walk-up with some of the finest BBQ known to man.

    It runs Cobb's a close second. So yeah...they do "get" barbecue in Arkansas.

  9. It is hot down south huh!!!!

    I live in south Alabama now and it is hotter than the dickens and so humid you can drink the air.

  10. Alabama just got a lot prettier ;)

  11. I've come to the sad conclusion that barbecue joints are always, always disappointing. The wife figured it out two or three years ago. She told me she didn't want to eat any Q that I didn't make.

    I thought she was just practicing good man-agement. But I've come to the conclusion that she's right (not the first time that's happened).

    It's not that I'm the best pork smoker in the world. But there must be something in the process of commercializing barbecue that renders it, well, ordinary.

  12. Yum, that BBQ plate looks great!

    Can't say the same for the candid tube shot!

  13. Kris: Be GLAD there wasn't a full moon. My skinny ol' ass ain't fir for public display.

    Daph: You are too kind, Ma'am!

    Moogie: That jacuzzi was the BEST thing that's happened to me lately, and I'm quite serious about that.

    And don't be startin' no Q-Wars! While there may certain parts of America that take no pride in their Q (I'm lookin' at YOU, New England...), the rest of the country will swear theirs is the best. I've had excellent Q in Dee-troit, even... strangely enough. Texas does have some good Q joints... all over the state.

    I apologize for bein' so close and not stoppin' by. But as I told Andy: I was a man on a mission. Type A behavior is a curse...

    Ashley: ASH!! Girl!! Long time no see! Are you blogging again now that you're in south 'Bama? I cut you from my blog roll coz you hadn't update in over a year...

    Anon: I assume you were talking to Ashley, right? I also assume you ain't the same Anon who's been leaving snarky-assed comments lately (that I deleted).

    Gordon: What I said at your place. You are being too modest... coz you do GREAT work in the Q Dept.

    Mushy: Tube shot?

  14. Buck - sorry the BBQ dinner wasn't as good as it looks in the picture!

    I never thought we would be seeing a picture of Buck buck nekkid on this blog.


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