Sunday, May 23, 2010


How 'bout them Hawks, eh?  Down 2-0 early in the game they battle back to win it, 4-2... the last goal an empty-netter.  The Fish didn't choke in this series, they were simply outplayed by a superior team.

And just how tough are hockey players?  Chicago D-man Duncan Keith lost FOUR teeth when he took a puck in the mouth, missed one shift and returned to play the rest of the game.  Wow.  Tough.  To say the VERY least. 

On to the SCF...

Update:  Toews refuses to touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl, honoring an age-old hockey tradition.  Good On Him... the Stanley Cup is officially assured.

Update 2:  Keith talks about his injury during post-game interviews... "three on top and four on the bottom."

H/T:  Kukla's Korner.


  1. My wish has been granted. It'll be a very watchable finals.

  2. How tough are hockey players? The first hockey player I ever knew was a guy who eventually married my girl cousin.

    I had seen hockey players on TV, but never knew one. I was about 14 years old, and he had just graduated from Boston U. I asked him how many teeth he had lost. He replied "I'm not sure. How many teeth do humans have?"

    He has perfect teeth now...the wonders of modern orthodontics I guess.

  3. WWW: Agreed. I just hope the Finals aren't too one-sided.

    Andy: Things have changed since you met your first hockey player. I know it's been at least 20 years that full-face protection has been required in the NCAA and I'm amazed that NHL players don't wear full-face helmets. Read this on the horrors of dental injuries and you'll see why.

  4. Oh and by the way... updated info indicates Keith lost seven teeth, not four. I quote the Puck Daddy:

    Duncan Keith took a puck to the mouth and lost seven teeth. That didn't keep him off the ice long as he led all players in ice time with 29:02.

  5. There is joy in Chi-Town. It's been a while.

  6. I remember the feelin' from back in '97, wilko. Vividly.

  7. Go Hawks. Keith's "Lucky Seven" teeth have assured Chicago the Cup, methinks.

    They should work up a t-shirt campaign around that.

  8. An NBA or MLB player would have been on the DL for a month....

    Flyers finish off the Habs tonight....well maybe?

    I agree with you Buck, the Black Hawks will be heavy favorites over the Flyers(or Montreal), but hope springs and that's why they play the games.

    Go Flyers!

  9. Guts personified, for sure. As a fella who has had most of his teeth removed surgically, while numbed up, and found that traumatic - you know a bit of that feeling, eh? - I'm amazed at how calm and collected he can sit there, never mind going back out to play after missing ONE SHIFT. f I wasn't rooting for the 'hawks before, I think I have to now.

  10. Andy: That would be an awesome shirt. I'd buy one.

    Pat: You're right about the NBA and MLB guys. And I'll be watching your Flyers tonite... but I'll be rootin' for the Habs, even tho I think they'll lose. ;-)

    Jim: Yeah, we know a lil sumthin' about dental pain. Which makes this feat all the MORE amazing.

  11. Seattle Andy makes an excellent point. When I was a competitive distance runner, we'd run road races in driving rain and thunderstorms.

    I always got tickled when a few drops fell, and the MLB guys would run like little girls to the dugout. Nyuk!

    I know it's apples & oranges, but it always made me chuckle.

  12. Andy: Yeah, pro bezbol makes me laugh, too. Then again, the only two sports I take seriously are college football and hockey.

  13. Book of Laviolette: Chapter 1, Verse 8:

    Don't ever count one of his teams out.

    I've seen too many improbable things happen under his watch.

  14. Noted, WWW. LOTS of weird and wonderful things happen in the playoffs. But this time? I think Laviolette is playin' against a stacked deck.


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