Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spendin' Some Quality Time...

... with a couple of OLD friends this afternoon.

We're (obviously) renewing our acquaintance with Blue and it's been at least a year and more likely two since we've had the pleasure.  I'm struck immediately with just how light the taste is... and that's not all bad.  Blue prolly falls into my "summer beer" category now, which is to say light on the palate, crisp, and most definitely NOT overbearing in any way, shape or form.  But if it's REAL beer criticism you're looking for I'd suggest you head over to Beer Advocate.  Be advised: they don't look kindly on Ol' Blue, rating it a C-minus and determining the beer is "not worthy."  But taste is ALL in our mouths, n'est-ce pas?

So.  It's a war, after all.  And blog-bud Dan posted one of my... ahem... favorite old war horses.  You just can't go wrong with Led Zep when it comes to straight-ahead rock 'n' roll, after all is said and done.  They do a good job in the pretentious category, too... with MANY fine examples on Physical Graffiti.  

But we're on about war horses here.  I racked my brain for an inordinate amount of time on this one... for all of about four minutes, which is all the racking my poor ol' brain can stand these days... before I came up with this, another old friend with whom we've spent many an hour.  About which, and before we begin, let's quote The Wiki:
In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine listed it at #25 on its list of "The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time."
Deservedly so.  Let's do it.

Boy, does this EVER work for me... on oh-so-many levels.  It's got killer guitar, honkin' sax, and is just drippin' with sexual angst.  The guitar solo at the end just might be Mick Taylor's finest work, ever.  But it was usually the angst we were on about in the way-back.  "Throw me down the keys," indeed.  These days?  Not so much.  We're ALL about the memories now.


  1. OK at the risk of getting myself light of Buck's post a day or so ago about music he just doesn't like...

    The Rolling Stones.

    I just don't get them. Nor do I want to. Sorry Buck. Hope you can forgive me.

  2. When you want to rock out, you can't beat the Rolling Stones. By the way, Toby did some serious rocking when I played Radar Love for him - one of his old faves.

  3. Like Kris, never been a bog fan. With that said, 'Can't you hear me knocking' is killer.

  4. I just don't get them. Nor do I want to.

    I'm OK with the first part, it's the second part that is troubling when taken at face value. But... your loss, Kris. YOUR loss!

    Lou: You KNOW I agree!

    Small-Tee: Yup!

  5. But... your loss, Kris. YOUR loss!

    Ah but that's the thing we talked about the other day - not to try to change someone's mind and let them dislike as they please.

    Not that you are trying to do the change thing...

    Truthfully I have tried to like the Stones. I dated a guy in High School who was a rabid fan...I just never understood the big deal about them.

    That and Mick Jagger has to be the ugliest man in rock and roll. Sorry I know it's shallow but...And Keith Richards is no prize either; he's the poster child for what heroin abuse will do to a person.

  6. Not that you are trying to do the change thing...

    We're not, of course. We'd NEVER do THAT. ;-)

  7. While we're on the subject...

    ...the poster child for what heroin abuse will do to a person.

    I've always advocated responsible heroin use, myself.

    But, playin' it straight, the heroin thing is one reason to admire Richards. He beat it, unlike sooo many of his peers and a host of other rock gods and demigods I could name. He also remained productive throughout his addiction period, and not just "productive," either. "Inspired" is more like it. He's without a doubt the BEST rhythm guitarist who's ever lived. Period. (Yes, I have built an altar... why do you ask?)

  8. Responsible heroin abuse. Heh.

    I'm a Stones gal -- most recently saw them in concert in Little Rock in 2007. Great show -- real entertainment -- and they can still get there.

    Since your recent post I've been searching for Blue and have had no luck. I may have to prevail on the googley and UPS before Pepper can try it. At least I now know what it looks like -- thanks!

  9. I'm really surprised you can't find Labatt in N'Awlins, Moogie. I thought they were bad, bad, bad and nation-wide.

    And somehow I just KNEW you were a Stones kinda gal. All the cool kids are.

    (Dig, dig, poke, Kris. ;-))

  10. (Dig, dig, poke, Kris. ;-))

    Yeah yeah. whatever

    Give me some Led Zep or The Who (if we are going to stick to roughly the same era).

  11. Give me some Led Zep or The Who...

    How you can take Doors (no pun) Number Two and Three and skip over Number ONE is beyond me. But, Hey! It is what it is...


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