Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Slow Start Coupled with Obsession 19

I've spent my morning neglecting my usual, customary, and reasonable blog-reads (with some exceptions) in favor of consuming a lot of the press on Stevie Y's new job, the reactions in the hockey world, and those of 19's MANY fans, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And there is a TON of such reading to be had.  I know there's all of about one of you Gentle Readers who might actually care about such things... so this link's for you, SN1.  George Malik... the preeminent Wings blogger... has the best recap on the subject (and it's a link-fest).   It's great good stuff.  And this is but one of about elebenty-lebben of his posts on the subject.

Exit question... unrelated to the above... just WHAT is up with the NHL's scheduling of the Finals?  Why must we wait until frickin' SATURDAY for the show to begin?  Why not tonight?  Or tomorrow, at the very latest?  This sucks.


  1. Buck, they are waiting on Me to come back from Norway!! The Flyers need all the fans they can get as it seems everyone is predicting their demise early. And I thought the Montreal press was out of its mind when they won one game, they are even worse now and they haven't dropped a single puck in the finals yet. Jez!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. The scheduling was to allow for the possibility that the Flyers-Habs went to seven games.

  3. This was the first I'd heard about Stevey Y!!! What a shock...took me by surprise, but I'm happy for him. Glad he's in the East! I'd hate to ever root against him!!!

  4. Jimmy: Heh.

    I'd buy Jimmy's rationale before yours, WWW. Two reasons for that: (a) IF Montreal had gone seven there would have HAD to have been back-to-back games somewhere along the way, or a back-to-back Game Seven and first game of the SCF. That, while not impossible, just doesn't happen in the conference finals or the SCF. And (b) the league didn't announce the SCF schedule until AFTER the Flyers won their series, IIRC. If the league were allowing for a seven game ECF, they would have announced the Finals schedule earlier, no?

    Buck: You work too much. ;-)


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