Thursday, April 29, 2010

Same Ol', Same Ol'

Well it's the same ol', same ol' except for the fact we've kicked off Happy Hour jes a lil bit early today.  And the additional fact that we're taking Happy Hour indoors on account of the winds, which make sitting outdoors less than pleasant (see the image on the right).  The above is what we're smokin' and drinkin' today... the smokin' being a Partagas Spanish Rosado and the drinkin' being a couple o' New Belgium Abbey Ales.  About which... we shall only do two, given the 7% ABV character of the brew and the fact that we are lightweights in our old age.  But while we're on about Abbey Ale... I much prefer the old label, as opposed to the generic sorta label you see above.  Why'd New Belgium go and do that?

So it's two Abbey Ales and then a nap... so's we'll be fresh for Game One of the Western Conference Semi-finals.

Here's our soundtrack today...

Every so often we just need a Grateful Dead fix... and today is such a day.


  1. You know... You've painted a very peaceful, easy picture. Your photo up in the corner goes perfectly with this song.

    Makes me wanna jump in a plane, grab a lawn chair and join you!

  2. I guess the Barco blog does have some sort of a resonating effect across the lower part of our U.S!

    Any song that mentions a young lady who dances like a "Willy's in four wheel drive" is a fine song to me.

    Enjoy your evening, Buck!

  3. Sounds like a perfect Buck-day. It is to be jealous!

  4. Also, a Drew Estate sampler arrived in the mail today. I am moments away...

  5. I needed a happy hour yesterday - so Jesse split a beer with me.

  6. Matt: Thanks... and you're welcome to join in at any time!

    Darryl: Yup. The Dead sounded good to me yesterday after visiting you in the morning.

    Andy: I haven't had time to check the NB store but one hopes they're still selling the "old label" tee shirts... of which I have three. Enjoy those Acids; I'm smoking a Blondie as we speak.

    Lou: Be careful, LOL! Half a beer? ;-)

    Moogie: Shall do, Gentle Lady!


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