Thursday, April 29, 2010

In This Morning's In-Box

From My Buddy Ed in Florida... If women ruled the world...

I have first-hand knowledge of, or direct experience with, at least two of the foregoing. Example:
She:  I saw the coolest car today.
Me:  What was it?
She:  I dunno.  It was red.


In other news...


  1. Hey Buck, off the subject, but can you buy Alaskan Amber beer in NM? Or any of the Alaskan brews?

  2. Mebbe up in the Big Cities, i.e., ABQ or Santa Fe, but not around here. Hell, I'm lucky to find Shiner around here (the base being a notable beer exception and where I do most of my shopping).

  3. Hey, forgot to tell you thanks for the link.

    The Squeeze just signed papers on a new car and is thus nearing the conclusion of having to put up with my jibes that reference that photo up top. But in my defense she brought a lot of it on herself: "What would you think of a yellow car honey?" Me: "See, this is why it's up to us dudes to invent all the cool stuff people can actually use."

    I get away with it, because I can.

  4. Only one of those I relate to is the hammer/screwdriver set. File under "whatever works".

  5. Heh! Picture #2 made me truly laugh out loud. Poor Pam lived much of her adult life in a house with at least 5 men...and one bathroom. Through years of diligent effort, she trained all 5 (and some other part-time residents) to put the dang seat down.

    When we moved to a 3 bathroom house, things changed. Since I was already trained to drop the seat, it was no problem in the Master Bathroom. But Pam emerged one day from the bathroom assigned to the sons.

    She said, "we need to re-educate these boys." So, we went about the task of retraining them to leave the seat "up," unless they needed to take a dump. It actually took several years to drill it into their feeble minds. They're all real good fellows...just not real good shots...

  6. Um -- I don't get it. I mean, the red and blue car thing.

    The hammer and screwdriver -- hey, those little "spreader" knives that are for cream cheese and such are fabulous little screwdrivers. Just sayin'.

  7. I get away with it, because I can.

    Heh. I USED to be able to say that... There might be a lesson therein. Just sayin'.

    Only one of those I relate to is the hammer/screwdriver set.

    Laurie. Sweetie. It ain't that I don't believe you, coz I do. You... AFAIK... are the exception to the rule. But there IS that rule... ;-)

    Andy: I resisted. I resisted MIGHTILY, and still do. My fall-back position was/is "you can lower the damned thing just as easily as I raise it." But these days it don't matter one lil bit.

    Kath: Seriously? You don't get it, even after my example? A guy would say "Corvette" or "56 Bel Air," but never just "red." Therein lies the difference.

  8. I was really hoping the Cap's would pull off a win here. One because I hate all the Canadian teams and second because the Flyers do better against the Cap's (percentage wise, like with NJ). Plus the Cap's would be tired and used up while the Flyers are rested (though banged up). AND mainly: would you want to go up against a Goalie as on fire as that Halak guy! Not me.

    Anyway, history was made. More to come.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  9. Oh yeah, I don't know many women who haven't had to resort to using a shoe or butter knife or coin or fingernail to get things done.

    You use what you have - McGyver wished he was a girl!

  10. I do have my own tool belt - complete with tools, but since I put them back where I found them and keep them handy, "someone" tends to "borrow" them now and then. And that "someone" does not always return them. So I use whatever is handy. Having a baby girl in the house will train men to put the toilet seats down - no one likes to fish their baby out of the toilet dripping wet.

  11. but since I put them back where I found them

    Oh Lou you said a mouthful there! What is it with men - they can't put things back in the same place twice, yet expect us to divine their habits and just instinctly know what spot they chose this time.

    We need a picture of that!

  12. Is not ANYONE going to take up for men on this one?

  13. Blue cars are the best. And I would pay a FORTUNE for that toilet!

  14. Jimmy: Your second round series will be interesting. I've yet to see the Flyers play in the post-season thanks to Versus inane broadcast schedule.

    Kris: I've known ONE woman in my life who insisted on having her own tools, and she used them. I, OTOH, wasn't allowed to touch HER tools. Which was OK with me.

    And what's this about men not putting stuff away? EVERYTHING has a place and it's put there. ALWAYS.

    Lou: You need to institute some sort of training program. And fishing babies out of toilets? THAT'S a new one on me!

    Andy: See above.

    Moogie: I agree. My Vette was blue. I insisted on it. ;-)


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