Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Don't Have to Be a Geek to Appreciate This...

But it helps... particularly the bits about the nautilus.  That animal and its geometric beauty has always fascinated me.


Yeah... it's a video kinda blogging day.  We're not in the mood to bitch about politics or point out the stupidity of our fellow man, and Lord knows the news is chock-full o' that kinda shi'ite today.  

On the plus side... Our weather is quite warm... it's s'posed to hit 86 today.  We just might have to run the AC for the first time this year as it's too windy to put our awning down.  Or throw all the windows wide open... on account of the dust what's in the wind.  I had to wipe down all my flat surfaces THREE times last Friday because of wind-borne dust.  It can get ug-lee, but it sure beats snow.

My cherry tree is almost in full bloom but the light isn't quite right for pictures today.  That said, the tree IS a most pleasant sight and will bear considerable contemplation once Happy Hour arrives.  Me and the Japanese, yanno?


  1. Enjoy!

    I feel your pain about the dust, though.


  2. Yup! Warm, to say the VERY least.

  3. VERY cool vid! Amazing stuff.

  4. Very cool vid, Buck.

    For the record, it's suppose to be @80 in ole Rochacha on Sat., which I know you can appreciate. C’mon global wormin’…

  5. The sand may be great for the peanuts, but it is not so great in the wind.

  6. I really enjoyed the video, t'was nifty!


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